5 tips for throwing an unforgettable House party

Today a house party is an ultimate way of social gathering. Unlike a bar or a restaurant here you are in your full control. From Music, drinks, food menu, guest list to closing time you have to decide all here. A house party sounds like a great idea after a big hectic week. And frankly, who doesn’t like to celebrate on weekends. On top of all, you don’t really need a huge bank balance to throw an awesome house party that will leave everyone talking at the brunch next morning. And here are some awesome tips for entertaining your friends at a house party that too on a strict budget.


Prepare your guest list:


Obviously you can’t party all by yourself. So the first step to throw the big party is to prepare a list of friends you are going to invite. Bring people together from every part of your life and get the party started. People are coming to see you but they also want to meet new interesting fun people so try to get your work friends together with your uni friends. But make sure it’s only the friends or friends of friends. Nobody wants to enter a room full of random people.


Keep the decor easy:


You don’t really need a Pinterest-y kind of decor for a general weekend house party. Don’t go overboard with the decor when you are short on money. Some LED lights, a bunch of roses or carnations and that’s it, you can make a simple yet beautiful house decoration for your party. Browse Youtube for some DIY party decor ideas and I am sure you’ll find plenty of them to throw an epic house party.  


Make a party playlist:


This task is of utmost attention as no one wants to stay at a party with boring music. Give enough time to prepare a big list of songs and stick to it just as your guests arrive. Time your playlist in a way that it will give you some time for chatting, some songs to get everyone dancing and lastly a hour or two of more relaxed and soothing music for a happy pack up.

Keep it a BYOB:


Alcohol can be the biggest budget busters when you are planning to throw a house party. Ask your friends who drink to bring in alcohol of their choice. This will cut your party budget significantly. And when your guests are bringing the alcohol of their choice there are no chance you are getting short of the drinks. As a host you can serve beer cans to your guest as they are cheap and everyone likes them. Also, you can include a shisha to your party to minimize the consumption of drinks as you have noticed in many shisha lounges.


Prepare a vast Menu:


Consider the food choices of every type. Begin from some healthy starters like corn sandwiches and potato poppers. Have varieties in your food and don’t stick to a particular theme may be your guest wants to eat a mix of everything. But also don’t order for too much. Food is the only thing that can make your house party a big win or an epic fall. So we would suggest considering everything.

A house party doesn’t need any occasion, it is just a way to call your friends for a get-together. And these are our ideas to save you some money and throw an epic house party for your friends.  

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