5 Tips for Interior Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

We understand that, rightfully, your home is your pride and joy. Therefore, when it comes to interior updates, it can be a struggle to make style changes that have the ability to transform your home if you’re constricted by a tight budget.

Brought to you by the personal finance experts Jolly Good Loans, these 5 tips will eliminate any previous misconceptions you may have had when it came to restyling your home in a cost-effective and time-conscious way, by exploring different small-scale DIY design hacks that will enhance your home’s style, without breaking the bank.

Update your lights

It may seem like a relatively low-key and obvious solution, but you’d be amazed at the difference a new light bulb can make when sprucing up an old or tired room.

Whether it’s as simple as swapping out an old, white bulb for a new, warm yellow glow, or choosing to add a contemporary light fixture to your room, such as draping fairy lights or a chic lampshade, a fresh light fixture will highlight parts of your room you didn’t even know existed.

Cover your sofa

The average life of a sofa lasts anywhere between seven to fourteen years. So, if the beloved sofa you saved up for all those years ago has finally stepped over the ‘retro’ to ‘ugly’ line but you don’t have the funds to buy another one, why not restyle instead of buying new?

Affordable and attractive, sofa covers are a great way to inject some life into your old, outdated furniture. Not only are they a long-term, money-saving solution due to their easy keep and easy clean elements, but no matter how quickly fashion trends change, your sofa and home are guaranteed to develop alongside them.

Install a heated towel radiator

Looking for a practical but pretty way to modify your busy bathroom? Inexpensive in price, a heated towel radiator is the perfect addition to any bathroom – regardless of size. Its sleek, attractive design is sure to compliment the rest of your bathroom’s interior style, while simultaneously keeping your towels soft and dry for ease of use, time and time again.

Optimise your room with a tactically placed rug

There’s nothing you can do about the size of your room aside from knocking down and building walls, right? Wrong. When it comes to making the most of the space available to you, it can be tempting to neglect smaller rooms in your home in favour of the larger and seemingly more useful and attractive rooms.

A quick and easy hack for optimising smaller rooms in your home is using a rug, instead of a carpet, that covers almost the entire space except from a thin border where the floor meets the skirting board. The result? Your room appears large and stylish – minus the mess of a knocked-down wall.

Create a bold feature

Instead of filling your home with lots of brightly coloured ornaments, keep your colour scheme neutral and invest in one key, bold piece of furniture or appliance to direct the focus of your room to something you want to show off.

Choose a bold, velvet headboard for your bedroom, or a large house plant as the talking point in your living room – as both encourage and provoke a reaction, without the added cost.

Don’t let the amount of money in your bank account stop you from caring and styling your home. Whether it’s as small a detail as changing the colour of your living room light bulb, or investing a little more money into a large rug for your small room, interior design can be done – and well, at that – on a budget, no matter how big or small.

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