Taking care of laptop accessories is important if you want your device to last longer and work flawlessly. Also, you can save yourself from a heap of trouble and huge repair bills.

Here are a few ways to keep all accessories of a laptop in tip-top shape.

#1. Handle All Cables with Care

The power cables are prone to damage because they are frequently used (and misused) by laptop users. It is important to wrap up and store them with care when they are not being used. Wrapping them tightly can also cause damage to the wires. It is better to wrap them loosely in either the eight-figure or in a circle and secure them using Velcro.

Ensuring that nobody trips on the cables attached to your laptop is also an important thing to remember. Once, I plugged in my laptop for charging and began watching Spectrum TV when I was interrupted by the loud noise. I rushed to the laptop and found it on the floor as someone had tripped on the cord. So, make sure to plug in devices while keeping everyone’s and everything’s safety in mind.

#2. Keep Foods and Drinks Away

It is no secret that your laptop and its accessories always get damaged and look dirty if you eat or drink over them. The crumbs and sauces from your food may fall on the laptop or its accessories and may cause damage to the wires or circuits.

Even if you need a cup of coffee or any other drink that’s your favorite while you’re working on the laptop and using its accessories, I strongly suggest not to do that. It is better to take a ten-minute break and enjoy your beverage away from these things. even if you are careful, someone passing by may spill the beverage on your laptop or its accessories. This could cause serious damage to sensitive wires, circuits, and removable drives, etc. that can consequently corrupt the data stored in any removable drives or the one you have on your laptop.

#3. Protection During Transportation

Whenever we travel, we tend to take our whole world with us in form of laptops, smartphones, and all the associated accessories. If not transported properly, not only your accessories get damaged they can also harm your devices. A crooked flash drive when plugged in forcefully can damage your laptop’s onboard USB port. The same goes for charging cables and other things. It is better to get a dedicated laptop bag that has all the necessary pockets for each kind of associated accessory you may need. Another important thing to consider is the temperature. Make sure you always switch off your laptop completely and unplug any attached accessories before taking it anywhere. If the laptop gets overheated during transport in a dark and humid environment, or the removable drives aren’t stored properly, their circuitry could be damaged.

#4. Handle All Removeable Accessories with Care

As discussed above, handling all removable accessories such as power cords, headphones, extra hard drives, flash drives or CD drives, etc. is important. These things cost money, they are sensitive and prone to damage. So, securing them in their places while plugging in and out of the laptop is important. Don’t plug them in or out of their dedicated slots forcefully and store them in a cool, dust-free place.

#5. Plug Accessories in Dedicated Slots

To set up her Spectrum internet connection, my mom once tried to plug the ethernet cable in the slot dedicated to a flash drive. Obviously, it didn’t work. Every laptop has a dedicated slot for each kind of accessory. So, before you begin plugging in any removable cords or accessories in your laptop, take a few seconds to check which slot it goes in to avoid any damage.

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