With the approach of fall, nature seems to be slowing down – days become shorter, temperatures cooler, and the leaves start falling down. It is only natural that, at this time of year, a lot of people can only think of curling up on their couch, in their cozy warm sweater, while tucking in their favorite food. Instead, why not use these seasonal changes as a motivator to change to a healthier lifestyle or a new fitness routine? There are still many outdoor activities that you can enjoy during this transitional season.

Use these 5 tips to “fall into fitness” this fall.

1. Take advantage of the weather.

Fall months are a much better time to enjoy outdoor activities than hot summer. Relish the cooler weather and plan to be active. Organize group activities with your friends and family. Apple and pumpkin picking can be both fun and useful, just like leaf raking and building leaf piles, or getting lost in corn mazes. Try cycling through a local park, or explore new hiking trails while taking in the changing scenery and colorful foliage. Remember to stay hydrated, even though you might feel less thirsty. Always bring some after workout drinks if you plan on spending a whole day outside.

2. Think outside the box.

Although you are not going back to school this season, there is no reason why you should stop learning new things. Have you ever wanted to try fencing or kickboxing? Give it a try this fall. Add variety to your fitness routine to help you stay motivated, and build up your confidence with every new thing you learn. Many gyms offer free intro classes. Take advantage of this and try different activities to see what works for you. It might be tap dancing, Pilates, jump rope, yoga, or hip-hop dancing. You never know until you try.

3. Remember the 30-day rule.

Most of us want to see overnight results of working out, which is not possible. It takes about four weeks for your body to adapt to a new routine, and about the same time for you to start noticing any changes. This seems like an eternity for most people, so they quickly get frustrated, and get back to their old unhealthy lifestyle. What people do not realize is that your body is changing for the better even if it is not obvious. Exercising increases our energy, and improves our overall health. Just keep in mind this 30-day rule before you decide to give up.


4. Strive for the 3 Cs.

Commitment, convenience, and consistency. Write these three key words on a piece of paper and post them in a place where you will be able to see them every day. Commit to doing some activity and changing your lifestyle. If what you are doing is convenient, the chances are higher that you will stick with your commitment. Pick an activity that you enjoy and all that is left is to be consistent and stick to your plan.

5. Dress in layers.

Doing outdoor activities during fall can be tricky as you might feel chilly at first, but soon your body will warm up. Proper exercise attire should include three layers: the inner layer should wick moisture so you are not exercising in wet clothes, the middle layer should keep you warm, and the outer layer should protect you from the wind or rain. Do not forget to put on sunglasses for UV protection, or a hat and gloves if you are doing morning runs.


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