Internet penetration is rapidly expanding by looking at the increasing digitization among all the people around. At present, people have become accustomed to accessing the internet all day and night to carry out professional objectives and meet personal entertainment needs.

In the midst of this, a majority of parents are worried about what their children are browsing over the internet. 9 out of 10 parents like to know what websites their children are accessing, whom they are chatting on the internet, what information they grabbing from multiple sites.

Children are not aware of right and wrong in the digital world. So, it is parent’s responsibility to keep a close tab on their kid’s internet usage and take preventive measures to stop access to unwanted sites. One way of doing that is having open communication with your children to discuss what is the correct way of using the internet as per their age and level of understanding?

Another way is utilizing router kid control to adapt much-needed technical measures that help parents to control and restrict the possible internet content. Parental control router is introduced for the purpose of checking the websites the children are accessing, blocking inappropriate content like adult, gambling, and other sites, and putting a limitation on internet usage.

5 Things to Control Using Wi-Fi Router
You can get direct access to the parent control router not just to keep a watch over the daily internet activities of your children. But also to control and limit several things that are as follows:

1. User Roles
Using the technically advanced parental control router, you can set a limit on the usage of a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With this, you can set privilege as to who will be using a particular device and customize the restrictions on the usage of the internet. Give access permissions on important files, folders, and applications accordingly.
2. Restricting the Websites
The primary feature of the internet controlling device is restricting the access of certain inappropriate websites. Children can get access to any site that might not be suitable for them and might have an adverse effect on their mind and heart. So, you can put a restriction on access to few websites by entering their URL in the blocking section. In this way, you allow your children to browse limited websites and that too as per their age and understanding limit.
3. Blocking Sites
With this option, you can completely restrict the usage of particular websites by blocking them completely on selected choices of devices. In few cases, you can also enable pop-up blocking on sexual, violence, and other related sites.
4. Manage & View the Activity Log
Parents can view the activity log of the children to see what kind of search behaviour they have, what sort of websites they visit, and something like that. It helps to know the mindset of children while accessing the internet.
5. Controlling Time
Set a time limit on which apps can be accessed and set their appropriate time limit. Like you can restrict the time condition on gaming sites that allow children to play for a limited time along with studying and spending time with family.

Do invest in kids control router to know the internet activity of children and take preventive measures not allowing children to access unwanted sites. Keep a close tab on children activity is directly linked to their growth and better level of understanding ahead.

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