5 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy period doesn’t only excite women but also fills them with a lot of doubts. Some of these doubts even remain for life. But there are some of them that can and should be cleared before a woman delivers. Here are five things that we wish someone had told about being pregnant before we delivered.

Why Our Mood Changes

When any woman is not aware of the cause of this symptom, she can think she something crazy is happening in her life. When we become pregnant, our bodies produce a lot of raging hormones, and they are the reason we often experience symptoms such as food cravings, morning sickness, and mood swings. 

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When the levels of these hormones fluctuate, chemical changes take place in the brain, which eventually affects the manner in which neurotransmitters process information. Other contributing factors can be the anxiety of the process of bearing a child and raising a child. 

Feeling Closer to some Family Members

Expectant mothers often feel closer to their husbands and parents. The emotional changes are responsible for this feeling. She considers that she is mature to go through the same feelings that her parents went through during her time and they are able to understand her.

Why Many Health Problems

Most women consider the first three months being a little challenging because of the prevalence of heath issues. Our bodies find it difficulty in accustoming to the changes during the first trimester. Pregnant mothers should understand that most of these health challenges are temporal and disappear within three months and feel encouraged to take the best care of their unborn babies. 


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You Cannot Hide Your Pregnancy

Some of us often try to hide our pregnancies, especially during the early stages. Women should learn to appreciate that no one can hide her pregnancy. Besides, there is no need for trying to hide it. Children are blessings. The best way to avoid feeling embarrassed is to consider yourself privileged. Many families are praying to have children.

When Will You First See Your Baby 

Some of us thought that we would see how our unborn babies really look us during our first ultrasound appointment. While technology has really advanced, there is no guarantee that you can see your baby at this stage. Prenatal diagnostics relies on 2D ultrasound scan. This scan produces a 2-dimensional image of babies, and it focuses on their internal structures for medical reasons. Besides, the results are black and white and blurry. This can be really disappointing if you are hoping to see how your child really looks like. 

2D ultrasound is basic, affordable, but captures all the internal structures to help doctors monitor the growth of babies. As a result of, medical value, this process is covered by Medicare and other health funds. The advanced 3D and 4D imaging technology can give you a clearer and a more realistic look at your baby. But since its does not add any medical value, you can arrange for it at your own cost. 

Again, if you want 3D and a 4D ultrasound scan of the face of your baby or you want to know the gender, you have to be patient. 3D-and-4D-face scans are usually performed around the 30th week of pregnancy. Gender scans are performed around the 14th week of pregnancy.

As you can see now, a woman’s body experiences amazing things during pregnancy. In the early stages, their bodies work hard to get accustomed to these changes, and they can feel unwell. But these experiences are absolutely normal. They come and go. But if you notice any strange symptoms, get in touch with your doctor.

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