5 things we learned from Kate Hudson


Successful actress Kate Hudson is a true inspiration for many young women around the world. Thanks to her openness, courage and undying belief in herself, she became a role model for those who have troubles to see past the bad things and obstacles in life, giving the strength to pursue your own thing and shaping life to one’s own accord.


Love yourself enough to love your body

Kate does not give false hopes of one perfect diet that would solve all the problems. On the contrary, she claims that no such thing exists. The mind and body change as the time goes by and new habits have to be made in order to feel completely happy. Loving yourself is a process that can last but should never be given up on. Once you are there, you too will be able to take proper care of yourself and constantly listen to what your body wants, without bothering yourself with strict diets and stress. No overeating and no poor eating – balance is the key.

Find time for some creative stress relief

Kate openly says that she leads a journal filled with her drawings, thoughts, daily problems and joys. According to her, it is extremely important to find your own way to express yourself for yourself. Finding comfort and calmness in a creative hobby or simply taking the time to write about what is going on with your own soul is a valuable experience that can help a lot with dealing with stress and finding new goals in life as well as making plans on how to achieve them.


Get your own share of mindfulness

Hudson states that meditation helped her reach more peace within herself and become a better person who is more open and welcoming towards others. As long as you are doing something to calm yourself and clear your mind, be it meditation or daydreaming, it is important to let go of all the negative thoughts that can cloud your judgment and steal happiness. When you allow mindfulness to enter your life, the change to the better becomes obvious and you begin to crave these ‘me-time’ moments more.

Let go of everything and everyone that smothers your soul

It is not easy to move away from something you love even when you know that it is bad for you. Actress says that this is especially true for bad relationships. Still, love sometimes is not enough. A person who stops you from growing into a wonderful person you can be is not someone who should be by your side. While extremely painful and hard, she proved to be a strong and powerful woman when filing for divorce in California became her final option. She believes that forcing a relationship to work is something that can only cut your wings and tries to send a message that being single is a lot better than being with a wrong person.

Show off your personal style

You are your own critic. Kate is not afraid to rock her own fashion style and tries to encourage everyone to embrace their own individuality. Fashion changes in time, so who is there to rightfully tell you what can and what cannot be worn or matched. Freedom in your own fashion sense is one of those small things in life that mean a lot.

Kate even wrote a book called Pretty Happy where she explains in detail her journey through life and ways to deal with problems. As long as you are here, there is no end to what you can do and make out of your fascinating existence, you just have to realize the power you hold in your own hands.

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