5 Things To Do While On Luxury Holiday In Singapore

Singapore is a city of differences. While overwhelmingly connected with glossy high rises, there is another side to the city that most travellers find alluring.

Singapore has a lot to offer as the city is a mix of different cultures all coexisting harmoniously.

Singapore offers a small Chinatown, Little India, and even Kampong Glam – all having their own identities in this beautiful city. Where you can do the shopping and parcel to China from Singapore or any other Asian country using mail express service – https://prioritymailexpress.sg/shipping-parcel-from-singapore-to-china/

Here are 5 popular places to visit while in Singapore:

Visit Gardens by the Bay

This is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Boxed in two giant greenhouses, you will discover the most exotic plants that are not that easily found.

A lot of people may not consider greenery all that energizing, but this is not your ordinary garden. Garden by the Bay offers sculptures placed perfectly between trees, waterfalls, and come night time, a twinkly of nightlights turn on for display.

Visit the ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is loaded with interactive displays that are perfect for kids and even for grown-ups. You will enter a different world of magic with their digitally advanced exhibitions which you will for sure enjoy.

Eat Michelin-Star Chicken for a Cheap Price

It is easy to find savoury flavoured food at affordable prices in Singapore. Visit Hawker Chan, and try their Michelin-starred chicken rice for just £2. The chicken is just marinated in soy sauce and combined with rock sugar before it is served warm and not hot together with sticky rice. The complete recipe is still a mystery but you will definitely enjoy this delicious chicken.

Visit Little India

Little India is one of the most colourful places you can visit in Singapore. This is the home of different shops created during the colonial times and are well-preserved until this time.

The Food Market

There are a lot of different street food markets in the city but Makan Sutra is considered one of the most popular ones. Try their famous carrot cake, which is a savoury dish made mostly of rice flour and white radish that most consider white carrot.

Your luxury holidays Singapore vacation will not be completed if you do not visit their famous food market at Lau Pa Sat. Visit the place after 7 pm and you will find cheap and cheerful vendors spoiling you with different food choices. If you love to try as many chicken satay or try Murtabak, a very big pancake filled with onion, egg, and mincemeat then this is the place for you.

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