The vivid intense color of Rubies set them apart. This amazing gemstone has been coveted for centuries by almost every culture in the world. It has exquisite charm and ethereal beauty. Most importantly, it bestows superlative metaphysical properties and healing benefits on its wearer.

Whether you are looking for an ideal engagement ring or a wedding band, a ruby or Manik stone can be the perfect choice for a special new beginning in your life. But, you should be cautious of fake stones available at throwaway prices at some online stores. These are synthetic stones that neither have the true beauty nor potential of the 100% genuine ruby. So, here’s a guide to help you in buying authentic ruby stone online:

  1. An Intense Sparkling Color:

When choosing original ruby stone ring, color is the most important factor to keep in mind. This member of the corundum mineral family has an intense red color. The color of this stone defines its value to a great extent. Deeper the color, higher is the price that you get.

Red is the primary hue of this stone, while you can buy Manik stone ring in secondary colors like purple, orange, and pink. The color should be deep and well-balanced and consistent if you are looking for the high-quality for its astrological benefits. It is the perfect gift for your special someone and an inimitable style statement.

The best variety of this stone has red as the dominant hue with a darker tone and vivid saturation. It also commands higher ruby gemstone prices.

  1. Absolute Clarity:

Almost every natural gemstone has some inherent inclusions that aren’t visible to eyes. These inclusions exist in the form of trace mineral amounts, gas bubbles, or liquid. Whenever you are looking for genuine natural ruby stone online, check the stone closely to see if it has some visible inclusions.

An eye-clean stone has no flaws in its beauty. So, make sure that Manik stone selected by you has no blemishes or cracks that compromise its integrity. To cherry pick the best stone, always prefer retailers like that offer clear pictures and videos.

  1. The Origin:

The most beautiful rubies are mined in Burma. They are known for their deep intensity and brilliant saturation of color. However, Burmese rubies are the rarest of all and command the highest Manik stone price online. Apart from Burma or Myanmar, this stunning gemstone is also mined in countries like Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Thailand, and Mozambique.

In fact, an untreated and flawless Burmese Ruby can cost about $ 1million per carat. In this regard, you should always prefer buying stones that are ethically mined. To ensure the same, lat your trust in a renowned online store offering the tested and certified stones at the most competitive prices.

  1. The Carat Size:

Being one of the most priceless gems available, rubies are mostly found in weight less than 1-2 carats. Finding stones larger than this size is hard. Such stones are incredibly rare and they can fetch extremely high Manik ratna price as compared to lighter stones.

So, if your budget is low, you can choose a small-sized stone with a vibrant hue and blemish-free structure. And, if you are in the pursuit of a larger stone, be ready to shell out a huge price or go for synthetic stones that are cost-effective.

  1. Treatments and Enhancements If Any:

Mostly, the stones available for sale in the markets undergo some sort of treatment or enhancement to improve their color or clarity. As per GIA, the stones are heat treated because this is an industry norm. It does not affect the value of a gem. These treatments enhance the color and clarity by removing rutile inclusions from its surface. However, there are some other enhancements that may affect the value and quality of the stone.

For example, glass-filled treatment is done on low-grade stones. It entails bleaching the ruby, filling the cracks with glass, and coloring for increasing intensity of color. Flux healing is another process that diminishes the value of your stone. So, ask the seller clearly about the type of treatment given to the stone.

Now, that you’re ready to shop for a pure and authentic ruby stone, make your choices wisely. Before buying a stone online, check the videos and detailed catalogs available on the website. Most importantly, ask for a gem lab certification from the seller.

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