5 Stylish Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

Accessories are the extras we put on together with our clothes that contribute to the image we project to the world. Accessories can be either worn or carried and include shoes, hats, scarves, tights, gloves, jewelry, luggage, wallets, umbrellas, wallets, headbands, broaches, and an endless list of other items.


Consider adding these five stylish accessories to your wardrobe if you are developing your style and clothing taste and pulling together accessories to wear.

1. Belts

Belts are strips of leather or fabric material with a buckle that has typically supported (held up) pants. In the past, belts got overlooked as an accessory. However, today belts make a statement of their own and do more than hold-up pants. Most often worn around the waist to give a cinched look, a belt can be worn with many items to enhance the look of an outfit, including:

  • Over a coat or blazer
  • Over a fitted dress
  • Define a jumpsuit waist
  • Over a fitted shirt and slacks without belt hoops
  • Over a long tunic
  • Over a loose-fitting dress

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most stylish and functional accessories that you can add to your wardrobe.


For style, sunglasses do more than up your outfit. Instead, sunglasses create a vibe of their own. They frame your face, bringing attention to your eyes. Their shapes can create a calm, dramatic, fun, or coolness to your appearance.


As for function, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet rays come from the sun and can not only cause the skin to age prematurely, but they can also cause dangerous eye problems. Sunglasses are necessary year-round, especially if you are near a large body of water because of the reflected light.


Some things to consider when shopping for sunglasses are:


  • Size – Select sunglasses that fit close to the face, wrap-around styled. Larger frames provide more protection for skin and eyes.
  • UV Protection – Select sunglasses that protect 100 percent from both UVB and UVA rays.
  • Quality – Some sunglasses make eyes more vulnerable to damage. If you are still squinting with sunglasses on, UV protection isn’t helpful to your eyes.
  • Color – Different colored tinting in sunglasses make them suitable, or not, for specific settings. Try different color tints to get the color most optimal for protecting your eyes.

3. Jewelry

The best thing about wearing jewelry as an accessory is that the range is unmatched. Jewelry as an accessory can be purchased at low-end fashion and accessory stores to the most notable jewelers all over the country.

When selecting jewelry to wear as an accessory, there are a few tips:


  • Pay attention to the neckline of your tops.
  • Balance your accessories between ears, neckline, and wrists.
  • Match print shapes.
  • Less is best for formal events.

4. Socks and stockings

When it comes to fashion and accessories, socks do more than keep toes warm. Socks and stockings can take an outfit from drab to fab and worn all year in different fabrics and textures. Socks and stockings bring harmony to outfits and are huge for the statement your outfit makes. Some tips on pairing socks and stockings to outfits are:


  • Fishnet or lacy stockings are fabulous for a night outing.
  • Colorful prints look great under slacks.
  • Add statement stockings to a monochrome outfit for flair.

5. Purses

As a more oversized accessory, a purse holds everyday needed items such as identification, currency, lip gloss, telephone, pens, and more. An expression of how mighty a purse is as an accessory is that many women claim to feel naked without them.


Purses are one of the few accessories that can be accessorized with broaches, clips, and scarves like an authentic military shemagh that can change the look of a purse. 


A few other reasons women love purses are:


  • Purses are an excellent place for daily items.
  • Purses come in lots of shapes, sizes, fabrics, textures, costs.
  • Purses can be changed easily.


If you are developing your style and clothing taste, you’ll need accessories to complete the look. Therefore, consider adding belts, sunglasses, jewelry, socks, and purses to complete your wardrobe.


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