5 Styles of Ethnic Kurtis Must Have In Your Closet

Looking for a hike of esteem, ethnic Kurtis have totally changed the world of women fashion with their huge comeback in contemporary closet. When it comes to picking the best dress in this current scenario, ethnic Kurtis completely stands out from the crowd. Do you know why? The reason being, these Kurtis are the most versatile thing of any woman’s closet and can amplify the gorgeousness of a woman tirelessly.

In the recent few years, Kurtis have literally opened the amazing demographic of creative ways and the non-stop fashion bonanza.  And, this is the reason why Kurtis have become one of the best ways to dazzle the people.

Well, here’re some of the most famous styles of ethnic Kurtis that must be there in every women’s closet. Scroll down to know more:

  • Anarkali Kurti:

One of the oldest styles of ethnic wear for women, the Anarkali Kurtis have the power to turn your ensemble into the most fashionable one. A stylish Anarkali Kurti could be paired perfectly with jeans, leggings, jagging’s, long skirts, and various other styles of women’s clothing to transform your look. Regardless of any occasion, this stylish top-wear can be used to flaunt your glam.  No matter what style you pick for yourself, this wonderful Kurti is sure to make you look as fabulous as you can be.

  • Tail Cut Kurti:

Tail-cut Kurtis were once a very prevalent trend for women but, somehow it faded away. In the last few years, it made an amazing comeback in the contemporary closet. These types of Kurtis are quite similar to asymmetrical Kurtis, except they are a little longer at the back. These Kurtis have the power to bump up your elegance instantaneously. Since these could be paired with a wide range of bottom wears; they are loved by women of all ages and must be there in your closet as well. There are a few prominent stores in India that sell exquisite ethnic tops online and tail cut Kurtis can easily be found there if you really wanna add them in your closet.

  • A-Line Kurtis:

A line is nothing but a type of Kurti that reaches to the calf or the ankle of a woman when she wears it. It has a spread from the waist area that makes it look like an ‘A’ shaped panel. These types of Kurtis are in high demand amidst the women shoppers and you should also own it in your wardrobe. Not only does it help you a unique and elegant look, but also makes you stand out from the crowd. These types of Kurtis are perfect for occasions like office parties, social gatherings, etc.

  • Angrakha Kurtis:

Although a few of you might not aware of this wonderful style of Kurti, It is one of the Kurti which resonates from the eras of the ’90s and is a really a classy dress to wear. These types of Kurtis are an all-time favorite of big Bollywood celebs and many of you must have seen them wearing it. An angrakha Kurti with accessories like a classy clutch, a sling bag, a bracelet & long dangle earrings can help you acquire the desired look.

  • Indo-western Kurtis:

Indo-western style Kurtis are a must-have dress in every woman’s wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable, classy and easy to maintain. These types of Kurtis can be worn by young to middle-aged women and are perfect for any body type. Indo-western Kurtis have a way of complementing your wardrobe as it’s often preferred by many women. Bottom wears such as Linen pants, culottes, jagging’s, long skirts, jeans, leggings, can be a perfect match with indo-western Kurti.


So, these are some of the most stylish types of ethnic Kurtis that must be there in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only do they help you in acquiring an elegant look, but they also make you stand out from the crowd. Upgrade your closet with these modish Kurtis and add extra charm to your looks. Being a fashion enthusiast, I know how difficult it is for a woman to pick the best dress amongst all. But, I can undoubtedly say that these ultimate patterns of Kurtis are so incredible that you can’t resist yourself from adding them to your closet.

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