5 Style Tips to Instantly Look More Fashionable

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Your confidence is sure to increase when you feel that you look good and that you will turn heads when you walk by in a crowded room. If you are not feeling stylish, you are not feeling your best, which means that you are not feeling as confident as you should about yourself. Thankfully, there are ways to make yourself feel more fashionable and stylish, whether that involves adding an accessory or changing up your clothing. Make yourself look more fashionable virtually instantly by following the five tips that are found in the information that is in the list below.

1. Mix Your Patterns

Patterns and prints are all of the rages right now, and they can lead to some serious fashionable looks for you to show off to others. It can be scary to start mixing prints as you are not sure of what matches, but as long as you can find a certain harmony, you are sure to look good. Go for bold prints that are bright colors, especially if that is out of your comfort zone, though the colors should complement each other. Stripes and animal prints should be considered neutral, and you can pair almost anything that is bright and bold with these two patterns.

2. Add the Accessories

Though you should never over-accessorize, do not be afraid to add at least a few accessories where they can be added. Put on some unique jewelry such as women’s Celtic jewelry like rings and necklaces, or add a pair of large hoop earrings. Mix and match your patterns with a playful handbag as well that can be any size, as long as the colors complement your clothing. Consider going for a pair of sunglasses or a unique pair of shoes if you want to give a certain pop to your outfit from head to toe.

3. Add a Neck Scarf

This accessory deserves its own point due to the power that it can add to your outfit. These neck scarves are able to be worn during any season, and you should always look for bold prints and bright colors that can bring up any outfit. Consider various tying methods so that you have a different look every time you try to master a different technique. No matter the technique you want to try though, go for a rectangular neck scarf rather than a square as these are much easier to master for beginners.

4. Add a Belt

A belt is technically an accessory, but it really does become a piece of your clothing when worn properly. Belts add another layer to your outfit that can bring something boring to the next level, whether you are wearing a blazer, a dress, a jumpsuit, or an oversized shirt. There are many styles of belts, so make sure the one you choose goes with your style and aesthetic. Wear it just at your waistline as well so that it gives you a natural hourglass shape even if you do not naturally have one.

5. Knot the Shirt

Even if you are simply wearing a t-shirt, tying a knot it in can take it to the next level. Try to avoid making your knotted t-shirt a true crop top by letting only a small amount of skin showing above your belly button. Wear a high-waisted pair of pants or a high-waisted skirt with your knotted shirt so that it gives you the hourglass shape aforementioned. The knot can literally be placed anywhere in your shirt, front, back, or side, and it can be in any style that you would like it to be.

You can make yourself appear more fashionable just by following the simple tricks and tips that are found above. It does not have to be difficult to find your inner confidence that can come just by changing up your style every now and again. Do not be afraid to play with accessories and to play with bold patterns that are sure to get acknowledged. Experiment in wearing your classic clothing like t-shirts in different ways as well so that you are always giving off something unique to anyone who wants to ask you where you got that outfit.

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