5 Smart Storage Hacks To Declutter Your Life

It seems that regardless of the size of property we live in, many of us can’t ever seem to have enough storage for all of our possessions, which can go towards making everything in your life feel cluttered. Whether you’re guilty of hoarding things and never throwing anything away or you’re facing a serious lack of space in a smaller property, finding a home for everything can be a challenge.

However, in today’s post, we’re here to help you solve this dilemma – taking a look at some practical, smart storage solutions to get your home interiors neat and organised. From additional display space to floating shelves and integrated storage, you’ll be left brimming with clever ideas for effective storage throughout your home to declutter your life.

Shelve it

Shelves, pictures on a wall

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Shelves have long been an integral part of home organisation, but these days, you don’t have to make do with a chunky bookshelf that takes up an entire wall. With less conventional styles like floating shelves and corner units, you can adapt them to fit even the smallest of spaces – ensuring you make use of every nook and cranny.

From cosy little alcoves to unused corners, you can maximise storage space for books, ornaments and miscellaneous belongings with clever shelved areas throughout your home. This not only helps to keep things organised, but opting for floating shelves without brackets provides a clean, clutter-free finish, as well as additional space.

Hide it

The key to neat and tidy interiors is often to keep items out of sight, and one excellent way to do this is to invest in some clever, multi-functional furniture with integrated space for storage – allowing you to stow items away without eating into extra floor space.

Whether it’s a coffee table with drawers, a blanket box or a funky armchair with underseat storage, the key to creating an organised and functional home is to choose furniture pieces that can combine fashion and function – all going towards tidying up your living space. With less clutter, every area of your home will look and feel bigger and more spacious.

Extend it

By this, we don’t necessarily mean going to the expense of extending your home to accommodate more storage area (unless you have the time and budget to do so of course), but rather looking at clever ways you can add to existing areas to deliver some much-needed storage space.

Whether that’s extending your kitchen worktops to allow for another cabinet or fitting a sink unit with countertops above and cupboard space below, there are a number of ways you can extend what you already have to ensure your everyday essentials are stowed away neatly.

Display it

Kitchen worktop and display unit

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Another option for smart storage is to create additional display space to help organise your pretty possessions into an attractive ensemble. For a modern and contemporary look, why not opt for open-fronted display units mounted onto walls? Especially effective in kitchens, it’s a fantastic way of lending a lovely decorative element in practical areas while also ensuring key items have a rightful place out of the way. You can also use glass-fronted doors to stow away display items for a clean and sleek finish – it can also save on dusting time, too!

Feature it

Inevitably there are some things you just can’t keep tidied away for long, like your everyday essentials, toiletries or kitchenware, but what if you made these everyday items a key feature in your interiors?

From funky toilet roll holders to mounted knife blocks and wicker storage baskets, finding creative ways to make the everyday items less of an eye sore and still look neat and tidy is a great way to maintain an orderly interior.

Getting organised can be a chore, but we hope that with these smart storage ideas you’ll find plenty of different ways for achieving an organised and clutter-free home – whatever size living space you’re working with.

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