5 simple tips to ace up your style everyday


When you wake up in the morning the first thing comes in mind what should I wear and when you open your wardrobe and got confused, I know It’s not an easy task to look stylish everyday. I think this is the painful story of all girls. 😉 Don’t Worry here is the solution, I am sharing my secret don’t tell anyone, 🙂 have a look some simple and stylish tips to amplify your look:

Proper fit
Proper fit
Does your outfit is a  perfect fit? Proper fitting, This is the most important to look chic. Outfit should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure your clothes fit you correctly.

Mixing Colors
Mixing colors

The choice of Color combination is also important. Don’t mismatch brightest with the dullest color, it looks weird sometimes and drag down your style quotient.


Right accessories lift up your all over look for example simple belt on high waist dress add amp to you look but remember don’t over do it.

You should know when to wear heels and flats. Which pair of shoe goes well with your outfit and it should be comfortable if you do not feel comfortable in your shoe that shows on a face and it’s enough to ruined your stylish look. So choose your footwear wisely.

Believe it or not, Makeup compliments your outfit and gives you a perfect look. For makeup you don’t need to be a professional, there are some basics you should have an idea about that like, what colors flatter you, how much to apply, and how to apply it so that it looks beautiful and natural.Don’t wear the party makeup in a day time.

I hope you liked my article, if you have any style tips then please share it with us in the comment section and stay tuned for my next article till then keep reading!

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