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Even when we have proof of how beneficial something can be for us, there are times when we still resist feeling good because we are usually engrossed in what is making our lives difficult – sometimes even miserable. The benefits of yoga are what I resisted for years, despite knowing how much this exercise would ease so many of my emotional and physical issues.

Nowadays, seeing my yoga mat standing by the door or my printed leggings folded in my closet is enough to get that rush to go to yoga but there were far more serious hints that led me to go to my first yoga class a year ago – signs that you too may be experiencing without even knowing they can be solved with the help of this exercise.

You are overwhelmed with stress

Breathing exercises – also known as pranayama – hold a significant part of what yoga is all about. You will find that no matter how many times you may change your yoga instructor, you will always hear him or her talk about breathing into your postures, they will remind you to be conscious of your breathing and they will encourage you to learn how to breathe properly before perfecting your positions. Learning how to breathe consciously means learning to be more focused and attentive on the issues at hand, thus giving you more skills to handle the stress in your life one issue at a time.

You seek relief from physical pain

Studies have shown that yoga can ease pain. Using yoga’s postures and meditation, or even better, a combination of the two has been proven to give relief for people suffering from serious conditions such as cancer, arthritis, neck and back pain, hypertension as well as other chronic conditions.

You are not getting a goodnight’s sleep

Tying this point to the former one, the alleviation of physical pain means you are more likely to feel rested and ready to fall asleep. Besides this, yoga’s cool-down sequence and the element of serenity inherent in this exercise as it brings the mind and body to a closer connection are all things that will lead you to better and more peaceful sleep.

You want to improve your posture

Even if you are unconscious of this problem, yoga will make you sit and stand up straighter thanks to its postures which help strengthen the back and because many of the yoga poses work on your body’s ability to open up the chest and keep the shoulders back. With specific yoga poses targeting posture problems and with the breathing exercises enabling you to open up and fill up your lungs, you are sure to have a very good posture once you start doing yoga.

Emotional issues

When you are suffering from emotional issues that are leading you to live a life of fear and unbearable sadness like anxiety, panic attacks and even depression, yoga is a powerful tool that will help you to bring a feeling of serenity in a natural way. Studies on the correlation between yoga and better mental health keep proving how much of a relief this form of exercise is since “yoga appears to modulate [the] stress response system,” thus helping us to deal better with these debilitating emotions.

Of course, there are so many other ways yoga can be beneficial to your life, and so, after reading this and after knowing how life changing this exercise can be, all that is left to do is to put on your yoga pants, grab your mat and go!

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