5 Self Massage Moves for Back and Neck Pain

Whether it be to work out sore muscles, help relax your tense body, or simply because it can clear your mind, a massage works wonders. While getting weekly, biweekly, or even monthly massages from a licensed massage therapist in New York City, or any city, might seem like the only option, in fact, you can actually practice self-massage therapy. It helps you along with a licensed massage therapist. Doing these self-massage techniques can help to complement the therapy you’re doing with a licensed therapist. Whether you are experiencing chronic neck pain or excruciating back pain, save yourself the time and money and learn different self-massage moves.

Self Massage for Back Pain

  • Back of the Neck Pain

Neck pain can be one of the most irritating things to deal with because of the delicate area that it sits, between the back and head. Self massage can do wonders for this area to supplement a neck pain massage in New York. To help soothe this pain, take two to three scarves or towels and maneuver them into a braid-like shape. From this point you will place them behind your neck and move it up and down, helping to release tension.

  • Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can be caused by many different things, including

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Shoulder problems
  • And many more issues.

To correct this yourself, stand against a wall and place a tennis ball between your justify shoulder blade and spine. Once this is set up, press your body against the ball and move up and down and side to side, keeping it relatively in the same area. After this is done, repeat it on the right side and your upper back pain should begin to lessen.

  • Side of the Neck Pain

Pain involving the side of the neck can often time be confused with shoulder pain, but once isolated to one area, you can begin doing exercises to help with the pain. To do this, hold the back of the neck with one hand and place the heel of your hand in the space behind the ear at the base of the skull. Then take your fingers and wrap them around the opposite side of the neck. Squeeze and apply pressure with the base of your hand, then begin working your way down.

  • Shoulder Pain

A back pain massage in New York, Boston, or even Maine, can help alleviate pain in the long term. It can end up taking several different attempts before your pain vanishes if you’re only visiting them once or twice a month. If your pain is isolated to the shoulder area, there are many at home tricks that can be done to help lower the number of sessions you’ll need with a therapist. For starters, place the fingers of your justifyhand over your justify shoulder. Then begin squeezing the area that your hand is placed on and even begin massaging there and working up to the neck. Once you have done this begin working on the right shoulder, alleviating all back and shoulder pain.

  • Lower Back Pain

Lie down on the floor with your legs straight out, then place a tennis ball where your pelvis and spine meet. Roll on the tennis ball side to side and then begin doing the same vertically, repeating over and over until the pain lessens. While doing this be sure not to put the tennis ball directly on the spine because it can cause the pain to worsen.

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