Everyone has probably said at some point in their lives that they either want their teeth to be whiter or that they want their teeth to look healthier. Due to the pandemic, however, many individuals have not gone to the dentist as they should, meaning they have not had the cleanings that they rely on to give them that healthier and brighter look. 


Summer is just around the corner, though, and you are sure to show off your smile in so many pictures on your travels this year. With that in mind, you can make your smile healthier and brighter by following the five tips for at-home care below.

1. Take Your Time Brushing

When you brush your teeth, you may not know that you are supposed to brush for at least two minutes in total. This is to ensure that you devote the time required to get to your molars and other teeth in the back to ensure they become clean. Make sure that when you move the brush, it goes in a circular pattern, which is the best way to remove plaque build-up. Ensure that every tooth is touched by your brush at least once on both the front and back sides during your brushing routine.

2. Use an Electric Toothbrush

You can use a manual toothbrush if you so desire, but an electric toothbrush will clean your teeth with ease. These toothbrushes may cost more to start with, but they last much longer and just require a simple charge. Plus, some of these electric toothbrushes have a timer on them that you can set for two minutes to ensure that you are giving your teeth the best treatment possible. Finally, most electric toothbrushes have the bristles move in a circular pattern that doubles with the circular pattern you move your hand to give the best clean feeling.

3. Leave the Toothpaste

This tip truly is a secret as not many people know that you should not rinse your mouth as soon as you finish brushing. When you do this, you do not give the toothpaste the time to do its job. Toothpaste is meant to repair damaged enamel on your teeth and to remove any stains that exist. Rinsing stops this job in its tracks, so be sure to keep the toothpaste in your mouth for at least a few minutes when you have finished brushing.

4. Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the most forgotten components of taking care of your teeth to get that smile you want. Mouthwash is known for giving you better breath, but it also helps to reduce bacteria growth, and ultimately, plaque build-up on your teeth. Try to look for a mouthwash that is gentle so that it does not ruin your teeth but that is still effective. Do not use the mouthwash at the same time that you brush your teeth, though, so that your toothpaste can, once again, do its job. Apply it when you are on break for lunch.

5. Floss Daily

The final way to get the best smile is to floss daily in the morning and at night. This is probably the most dreaded task to get that perfect smile you want, but it is necessary. It can help your gums become stronger to support the health of your teeth, and once again, it can reduce the build-up of plaque in your mouth. It also will get any of the debris that your toothbrush may have missed during the brushing process to give you the best smile.

Final Thoughts

If you want the whitest, brightest, and healthiest smile in your group this summer, follow the tips above. To take it a step further, start visiting any of the dentists in Westerville Ohio, who are ready to give you your cleaning again. The pandemic is beginning to end, which means that dentists are opening up more times for you to come in for your appointment. Now is a better time than ever if you want that perfect smile before the summer even begins so that you can show off those pearly whites.


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