5 Sassy Outfits For Your Beach Vacay

When it comes to packing beach outfits for your vacay, you’ll be inundated with endless options. Isn’t that true? To help you in narrowing down the options, I’ve come up with this amazing blog post, which will educate you on the sassy outfits that you must pack for your trip. Keep in mind that choosing the right outfit will help you oh-so-stylish in all your beach pictures. So, let’s explore the best beach attires to overcome the #KyaPehnu moments 

#1 Boho outfit 

Nothing could be sexier than a bikini when heading out to a beach but if you want to up your style game, you can pair it with a floral beach coverup, a fedora hat, and some light beaded accessories to bring the boho look. To create a cohesive beach look, make sure the floral pattern of the coverup matches with your bikini. 

#2 A button-down, striped shorts and tshirt

For chilling on beaches like Goa, it’s considered wise to have some t-shirts, striped shorts and a button-down to layer lightly. This combination is a complete dress code for Goa beach vacay moments. 

#3 A Jumpsuit

Packing a jumpsuit for your beach holidays won’t be a bad decision at all. In fact, when the mercury drops and the sun goes down, you can enjoy the breeze by pairing your jumpsuit with platform sneakers. 

#4 A long maxi skirt

Another sassy outfit for beach vacay is a long maxi skirt, which you can pair it with a tank top or your bathing suit. Many celebs across the world have been spotted pulling off this look.

#5 A button-up sundress

The beauty of a button-up sundress is that you can wear a swimsuit underneath it and be ready to jump in the water at any moment.

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