5 Rules That You Must Follow For Optimal Gut Health

Optimal gut health is the secret to holistic wellness. It is all about having a balanced microbiome, with the good bacteria being present in the right proportion. On the other hand, when the microbiome goes out of balance, the bad ones grow rapidly and take over your system. When this happens, you are likely to fall sick, with problems related to digestion, skin, poor immunity and even mental issues. However, you can prevent such a situation by cultivating certain habits and following them as your lifestyle rules. The best part is that these are easy to embrace and do not require much effort. Let us list a few rules that you must follow for ensuring optimal gut health.

Focus on food

The ultimate gut health rule is to focus on a diet that is healthy, nutrient-dense and easy to digest. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and nuts and seeds. Load up on healthy fats that come from avocado, almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and raw coconut. These foods not only offer a hefty supply of nutrients but also prevent inflammation of the gut. Stick to organic produce that has not been treated with harmful chemicals during cultivation.

Remove the possible offenders

Beyond just eating right, you need to do away with the possible offenders that may cause gut issues. These are the foods that cause inflammation. Remember that the triggers are individual in nature, though dairy products, gluten, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods are the common ones. Learn to listen to your body if you want to know the foods that are harmful to your microbiome. Limit their intake or ditch them completely if possible.

Take a detox periodically

Detoxification is important because it eliminates the harmful toxins from your gut and puts it on the reset mode. With harmful toxins being present everywhere, it is critical to get rid of them so that you can protect yourself against disease. The benefits of detox are countless and optimizing your gut health is one of them. Commit to a periodic detox routine and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Bring back the good bacteria

Gut health goes out of balance when the good bacteria therein are destroyed due to wrong food choices or antibiotics. If you want to keep your gut performing optimally, you need to bring the good guys back. Consumption of probiotics and prebiotics is the key as these foods boost the production of good bacteria and restore the balance in your microbiome.

Get enough sleep

This may sound surprising but sleep has a considerable impact on your gut health. When you sleep, your digestive organs get time to rest, replenish and repair. This is the time when your body detoxifies itself and prepares for the elimination of the wastes accumulated over the day. Sleep also reduces stress, another factor that influences gut health. So if you are not getting enough sleep, catch up on it!

Repairing and optimizing your gut is easy if you follow these simple rules. The effort is minimal but the results it can bring will probably get your health back on track.

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