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5 Remarkable Tips For Avoiding Knee Pain - Likeitgirl

5 Remarkable Tips For Avoiding Knee Pain

The knees are one of the most critical weight-bearing joints in the human body that allow the legs to perform a wide range of functions. Because they bear the whole weight of the body; it’s essential to strengthen them by performing effective exercises and consuming nutritious foods. For improving the health of your knees, it is vital that you stick to those moves that can strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Besides, you should also try to strengthen the cartilage, a tissue that’s utterly significant for maintaining healthy knees. The knee joint, which consists of four bones is one of the most complex joints in your body; therefore, it is essential to take concrete steps to keep it healthy. Otherwise, you will have to live with knee pain, which is one of the primary reasons for missed workdays, and frequent doctor visits.

Since we live an utterly hectic life, we hardly get time to take care of our knees, so the cases of knee pain or knee injuries are also increasing.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Pain that intensifies when you take stairs
Inability to bear body weight on the knees
Pain that worsens while stretching the knee
Pain that restricts you from performing physical activities

Causes of Knee Pain 

Patellar tendinitis
ACL injury
Knee bursitis

Drug-free & Non-Surgical Treatment For Knee Pain

Although you can heal knee pain in various ways; however, the best way to maintain healthy knees is to opt for non-surgical and drug-free treatments like physical therapy. The reason more and more people are seeking physical therapy nowadays is because it focuses on addressing the primary cause of the pain.

And if you treat the fundamental source of your pain, it helps in improving your overall well-being. The best part is that a physical therapist adopts a remarkably practical treatment approach, which helps in ensuring a quick recovery. What they do is, before offering any treatment, they first try to identify the actual source of the pain by analyzing the signs and symptoms that patients experience. After that, they check their range of motion to discover the degree of inflammation, so that they can use the right treatment techniques.

They also examine patients’ medical history to figure out our whether they are also struggling with other types of health complications or not. Once they come to know why the patient in question is suffering from knee pain, they then design a personalized care plan to address the primary cause of the problem.

Based on the underlying source of the pain and the severity of the inflammation, physical therapists choose the most suitable treatment techniques to heal the problem. For example, they can also use both passive and active physical therapy modalities to ensure a quick recovery.
They use the most relevant manual therapy techniques and knee-specific exercises to cure the pain and restore function.

For example, if you are having knee pain due to arthritis, then your therapist may include exercises that not only strengthen the joints but also help in relieving pain.

According to Marathon Physical Therapy, “Physical therapists are well-trained in how human cartilage, bone, and muscles function and how to make them work smoothly to relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling that stems from arthritis.”

On the other hand, if you are suffering from knee pain due to an injury, then your physical therapist will use the techniques accordingly. But irrespective of the underlying cause of your problem, physical therapy treatments show tremendous improvement in your overall health.

Ways of Avoiding Knee Pain

Drink Sufficient Water

Lack of water can diminish the joint health; therefore, you should up its intake to maintain healthy knees. Drinking inadequate amount of water not only leads to poor joint health but can also cause several other health issues such as skin and muscle problems.

Since water makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients and deal with infections; therefore, you must form the habit of sipping it frequently. You can begin your mornings with a glass of warm water to enhance your overall health. Apart from improving joint health, water also helps in improving circulation, digestion, getting rid of toxins, losing weight, and in fighting health issues like colds.

Consume Foods For Strengthening The Knees

For maintaining healthy knees, make sure that you consume food that can improve bone density and strengthen them.
For example, you can up the intake of fish, milk, eggs, beans, broccoli, bananas, apples, and yogurt in your diet. Besides, you should also consume foods like red peppers, cherries, turmeric, oatmeal, kale, walnuts, and almonds, etc.


No matter why you are experiencing knee pain, but if you keep your body active and flexible, it can help relieve the pain. And one of the best ways to strengthen your flexibility is to embrace an effective workout routine that consists of a lot of stretching moves. Regular exercise is not only essential for preventing and relieving knee pain, but it helps in strengthening your overall well-being.

Loss Weight

Excessive weight puts a lot of stress on your knees; therefore, you must try to shed those extra pounds. To lose weight all you have to do is eat the right food at the right time and stick to an effective workout routine.

If you don’t know what to eat and what to avoid, then you can take the help of a skilled nutritionist.

Wear Right Shoes

Selection of the right shoes is also essential for avoiding knee pain. If you wear uncomfortable shoes, then chances are you will soon start struggling with knee pain. So, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes your workouts.

Healthy and pain-free knees are utterly crucial for enjoying an active life, so make sure you strengthen your knees by consuming foods that improve joint health and by performing the right types of stretching and strength building exercises.

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