5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married In Paradise―Hawaii

Get married in Hawaii? Well, why not? There’s a reason couples pick this paradise to say their vows and finally tie the knot. It remains to be one of the top wedding destinations. No doubt it’s an irresistible destination with picturesque views of mountains and pristine beaches. You’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty.


It’s a volcanic archipelago with eight main islands from northwest to southeast. Every island has its own perks and attractions. Honeymooners are often drawn to Oʻahu with its urban-metro feel and surfing. Kauaʻi has hiking trails to cascading waterfalls and amazing natural wonders. Possibilities are endless in this lovely paradise.


Privacy and Intimacy

If you enjoy a quiet ceremony, then it’s a perfect place just for that. Having a few to witness a precious moment in your life will make you feel more in touch and connected. You get to savor in the memories and be thankful for those present with you and your groom. Invite a small number of guests. You don’t have to worry on inviting too many people. You can enjoy your day with special people who matter.


Great Location

Incredible beaches. Gorgeous sunsets. Lots of interesting places and ideal setting for your ceremony and reception. Your wedding photos will turn out superb. Captured moments will pop and accentuate the emotions that you will remember for the rest of your life.


The beach is a great place for celebration and relaxation. Smile throughout the day and dance the night away. A care-free wedding is something any bride hope for. Bet you won’t forget to enjoy your day with your new husband and loved ones. There is something about the crystal clear blue waters that bring peace of mind and inspiration. The soft crashing waves calm and serene. Everything seems clearer and create unexpected focus. If you go to the beach, then you’d know what I mean. And the beaches in Hawaii are breathtaking.


Wedding and Dream Vacation in One Place

Tying the knot in Hawaii is like going on vacation too! Hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy fine dining, and tons of fun activities to do as you relax and enjoy the tropical surroundings. Your guests will surely enjoy their stay. If your guests have kids, then they won’t run out of things to do to keep them happily occupied. The hotel you’re staying can provide lots of recommendations that you’ll appreciate.


Plenty of Activities

The island boasts of fun-filled happenings. It offers loads of island activities that will surely entertain guests and their children. They get to be there on your special day and enjoy it after with their families too. Activities such as:

·         Whale watching in Maui

·         Oʻahu Shark Dive and North Shore Surfing

·         Snorkeling at Turtle Canyon

·         Kualoa Ranch ATV Adventure

·         Zipline Adventure

·         Nature and Waterfall Trekking

·         Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours

·         Submarine Tours


You’re going to have a blast pre, mid and post wedding! It’s a lifetime event and it’s only fitting to fill it with unforgettable moments you will cherish forever. A thrilling story worthy to tell your kids about!


Wide Range Of Wedding Packages and Services

Wedding planning is easier. The place is likely flowing with experienced and highly-skilled staff since it has a history of weddings from people overseas. You have a wide selection of wedding packages and even an event rental you can check out at Aiea area. They have great reviews on Yelp. With some smart planning and budgeting, this paradise can be within reach.


Your day is special and you deserve to spend it on one of the most beautiful paradise on earth.

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