Everyone has a bucket list of places they need to visit at list once in their life. Lately, there’s a trend of adding strange and exotic places to this list and there’s really nothing wrong with that. However, there are some traditional tourist places to check out, that have become traditional for a reason. 

One of these is definitely a trip to New York City. Even with the rise of other metropolitan cities, NYC still remains a unique experience that’s not that difficult to set up and achieve. 

Historic landmarks

New York has around 62 million tourist visits a year and at least a part of it is because everyone wants to check out the most famous historic landmarks. Most start with the Statue of Liberty that was once a gateway to the country and now is a place to revisit that exciting past.

Carnegie Hall and Coney Island are also amongst the most famous landmarks and no visit to the city would be completed without visiting them as well. A trip to the Brooklyn Heights District is in itself a stroll through history since most of the 19th-century architecture has been preserved as it was.


For an architecture lover, there’s no place like New York because you can encounter a great landmark pretty much everywhere you go. There are tours that are dedicated to the city’s great buildings or if you’re knowledgeable enough, you could just wander off by yourself. 

Grand Central Station which used to be a way into the heart of the city is a place to start. Now it’s a reminder of early 20th-century architecture in all its grandiosity. Take the time to snap a shot of the Flat Iron building as well, even though everyone will be doing it. 


There’s no reason for your trip to NYC to be that closely managed and planned to the last detail. What’s important is that you’re on time for the bus tour from Montreal to New York, and after that, you can go exploring on your own. 

Many choose to just wander through Greenwich Village and explore its beautiful architecture and the historic role it played in the New York counter culture. The same could be said for exploring Chinatown or the Lower East Side, depending on what part of New York culture appeals to you the most.

Pop culture

New York is a key city for the global pop culture and that’s why many feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite TV show when they visit the city. There are many tours dedicated to taking you through the streets where your favorite movies and shows were filmed. 

The most popular of these are usually the Friends building or the stairs from Sex and the City, but there are many others since countless movies were made in New York over the years. 

Act like a New Yorker

In the end, no short trip to New York will be complete without trying to experience some of the city life as it is for those who live there. It can be something as simple as taking the subway or going to a Yankees baseball game. It’s a different experience than the one a tourist would have but it will be a memorable one. 

You could also try to check out a Broadway play or go ice skating at the Rockefeller if you’re in town at the right time. MOMA and MET are also amongst the best museums in the world and you should check them out.


There are still many reasons to put a visit to New York on your bucket list, since it’s one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. 

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