5 reasons why divorced women become more attractive


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In this day and age, the saying might be the most appropriate for various emotional troubles. Therefore, a woman who had the strength to go through a divorce has that spark of fire in her eyes telling the world she has the guts to take life head on.

She knows what she wants

Divorce undoubtedly had to involve some serious emotional pain, but a woman who knows what she wants is the one who can deal with it and walk away from something that does not meet her expectations. It takes courage to recognize failed marriage and accept it and this courage is obviously something women who know they deserve better have. They do not settle for habits and false sense of security, but are ready to move forward in their search for true happiness. This appealing trait will become obvious to men who might be worth the effort later on.

Better knowledge of how relationships work

If they had some wrong idea before, after trying to keep their marriage alive and being able to put a stop to it once they have realized there is nothing more to be done, women who got divorced definitely have better knowledge of what truly takes for a relationship to work out and stay strong. They are able to recognize their own as well as their partner’s mistakes thus making sure they will not happen again. This is extremely important in choosing the next partner as well as the course of the next relationship.

Ability to overcome depression

Feeling sad, depressed and stressed is an unavoidable part when a relationship comes to an end and one has to go through the process of filing for divorce in Oregon or someplace else. Even ladies who knew they had to make the first step in order to get themselves free from bad ties have problems with dealing with the notion of failure. Still, they had the strength to overcome all the bad feelings that were making them miserable. They know that going through different phases in this case is normal and by allowing themselves to be sad as long as they needed they managed to heal themselves properly and move on.

Not afraid to be alone

There is nothing wrong with being alone. Strong women are well aware of this fact. They are able to focus and find joy in different things in life and romantic relationship is not the crown of their world. They do not define themselves by a man in their life, but by their own actions. Such a woman knows that being with a wrong person is far worse than being single. Doing something you love and enjoying every day can perfectly be done with yourself as your only company while having someone by your side is simply a bonus. Being good enough for yourself is the characteristic of strong, brave and attractive women in today’s society.

Emotional scars are soul tattoos

A woman who has experienced loss and pain definitely knows how to value any moment of present happiness. People say that those who suffered a lot have most beautiful smiles and it is true. Even though the wounds heal in time, the scars are there to remind of the importance of waking up every day bright and cheerful. And there is no better accessory a lady can wear than her shining smile.

Self-confidence and power that every woman who was strong enough to take her life back and mould it to her own ideals emits are the qualities that are easily sensed and recognized and a true love will know how to treat her properly precisely because of her unwavering character.

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