5 Reasons Why 50s Are Going to Be the Best Time of Your Life


If you think that the best time of your life has passed with your 20s, you’re in for a treat. Studies have shown that people in their 50s are actually much happier and more carefree than 20-year-olds. Thus, if you think that you’ll spend the rest of your life mourning over your youth, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a more probable scenario, you’ll be sitting in a comfy chair, sipping a glass of fine wine and laughing over the insecurities of your 20-year-old self. If you still doubt that the best time of your life is yet to come, here are 5 reasons that will prove you wrong.


You’ll be happier

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A range of different studies and surveys have shown that 50-year-olds are actually the happiest people. Not only will you experience lower levels of negative emotions, but you’ll actually have feelings of both emotional and physical well-being. Older adults generally react less intensely to negative events which are less overwhelming than for younger adults. Thus, 50-year-olds experience less intense negative emotions and are able to simply go with the flow. You’ll have more positive attitudes towards life and be less distressed by minor setbacks. In addition, some studies suggest that older adults can anticipate events and situations that might cause negative feelings and are able to avoid them altogether. Therefore, your 50s will be filled with the feelings of satisfaction and happiness rather than depression, anxiety and stress.


You’ll have personal achievements behind you


By the time you’re in your 50s, you’ll probably have a lot of personal achievements behind you that will make your life more meaningful and fulfilling. While 20-year-olds are trying their best to discover their own purpose in life and leave something behind, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and admire your achievements. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing more you can do. You can always set a new goal, but the fact that you’ve already made one dream come true is certainly fulfilling.

You’ll be more satisfied with yourself

While 20-year-olds are always finding new flaws, people in their 50s are comfortable in their own skin. You’ll have more time to work out, which won’t be an obligation but rather a form of recreation. You won’t hate but love your body because of your unique little flaws. Women at this age feel more confident about the way they look and that confidence makes them look and feel sexier. In addition, when you’re able to enjoy yourself, you’re also able to enjoy others more. It’s no wonder then that 50-year-olds have more gratifying sex lives.


You’ll have financial stability


Long past are the student days when you had to eat mac and cheese for a week because you couldn’t afford anything fancier or more exotic. When you’re a young adult, you often have to make sacrifices – if you want that new dress, you cannot buy those shoes. Once you start your own family, you need to make sure that your children have everything they need, which means more giving up for you unless you live in the lap of luxury. However, when you’re in your 50s, your kids have their own jobs, so you don’t have to support them. You’ve been also putting some money aside and now you have your retirement savings you can spend on yourself and things you like. In addition, not only can you afford to travel and take up new hobbies, but this financial stability will have a positive impact on your state of mind because money won’t be an issue.


You’ll have more freedom


People in their 50s have a lot more freedom to do what they want. While 20-year-olds are studying or looking for jobs and 30- and 40-year-olds are working and raising their kids, a great number of people in their 50s take early retirement and spend the rest of their lives relaxing, taking up new activities, or socialising with their friends and families. If you want to, you can travel the world or move to one of those luxurious over 50s villages with private pools and tennis courts. You’ve spent the first half of your life doing what needed to be done so that you could spend the other half reaping the benefits.

With financial stability, self-confidence and life achievements behind you, your 50s will be the time of your life. Not only will you feel happier and more carefree, but you’ll also have the freedom to do whatever you want.

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