When you go to college, you need to think about the various items you’ll find useful as you attend your classes. Sure, you need to bring sheets, food, and anything else for your apartment, but what about your other needs? If you need to create a checklist for your upcoming school semester, you should add these items to it.


You should start by bringing a laptop with you to college, so you can tackle your assignments whenever you need to. Many times, people forget about the importance of laptops, but these computers matter since you’ll likely receive online schoolwork. Nowadays, many classes use technology for their assignments, so a laptop could help you.


On top of that, you’ll need to write some essays while you attend college, so you’ll need a laptop to do this. That way, you can work on the essays whenever you need to without going to the computer lab or library. If you want to make your college life easier, you need to bring a laptop with you.

Backpacks and Cases

You also need an easy way to carry around your school supplies to your classes. Many times, college requires you to walk to the various buildings on campus, so you could use a backpack or case to carry around your belongings. If you have lots of belongings you need to take to your classes, you should carry everything in your backpack.


On the other hand, if you only need to bring your laptop, you could look for leather MacBook cases or similar items. Either way, you never know when you’ll run into weather problems or drop your belongings, so you could take advantage of backpacks and laptop cases to protect your belongings from damages.

Notebooks and Pens

While you can take notes on your laptop, some teachers may not let you use technology during class. If this happens, you’ll need access to paper, so you can take notes. This means you should keep some notebooks and pens in your backpack, so you can pull them out and use them whenever you need to do so.


Make sure you buy multiple notebooks, so you can use each one for your different classes. Otherwise, you need to try and organize everything in one notebook which can quickly become confusing if you have multiple subjects. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have notebooks and pens available, so you should keep some inside your backpack.


If you plan to take math classes when you go to college, you should bring a calculator with you. While calculators can cost tons of money, you may need to use one for your math classes. Many times, teachers will let you use calculators during tests, but you can’t use your phone’s calculator.


This means you need a way to perform calculations during your test, so make sure you have a personal calculator. After all, many college classes require you to do hard math problems that require calculators to solve them. Even if you don’t major in math, you may need to take some math generals, so you should bring a calculator with you.


When you attend college, you need a way to contact different people at your school. For example, you may make some friends in class and want to study together, so a cellphone will make it easy for you to contact them. This means you should have a cellphone with unlimited texting and calling, so you won’t run into problems at college.


Almost everyone contacts each other through cellphones at college, so make sure you bring one with you. Otherwise, you may not have an efficient way to contact classmates and group members, which can lead to disorganization and problems. It may seem simple, but you need to bring a cellphone with you to college.


Finding the items you need to bring to college can be difficult, so you should include the ones on this list. Each of them will help you with your classes to make college easier and less stressful for you. Make sure to add these items to your college list, so you can pack them and prepare for your upcoming semester.

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