5 Most Creative Pool Floats

While our European and American friends are cursing the end of summer, most Australians are already basking in glorious sunshine. And that means pool parties, lots and lots of pool parties. For the Aussie looking to add a little bit of oomph to their upcoming festivities (or hey, for those of you in Europe still clutching to those last rays of sunshine), we’ve found 5 incredible pool floats to spice up proceedings.

Note of warning: While these pool floats look absolutely epic, it’s vital that you keep your pool party safe. Pool floats are gigantic beasts of unadulterated fun, but you’ll still need to make sure your guests leave your party in one piece. Oh, and don’t buy more than one. It’s very possible that any more than that and you won’t be able to get in for a swim!

The Unicorn

Yes, unicorns exist. At least huge inflatable plastic varieties that are able to withstand the weight of six adults (or four that have not been working on their beach bodies this year!). These things are massive. We’ve been told that NASA can spot them from space…


The “Party Bird Island” is so huge that it may not be suitable for your run-of-the-mill household pool. Costing around $150, the unicorn comes bundled with rainbow seats and a built-in cooler.

The Pizza

It’s said there’s a legitimate reason we’re obsessed with pizza. Apparently, the Italian dish offers the perfect combination of ‘bad for you’ ingredients to make it an irresistible temptation. While most people will think of the delicious doughy variety, we’re currently partial to the kind that floats and is big enough to sit and jump on.

One slice will set you back around $30, while the full set is just over $200. Sure, a Domino’s is significantly cheaper, but this one can actually float. Or even better, join your friends and sit on a giant pizza while eating a real one at the same time. I mean, why not?

The Inflat-A-Bull

Most of us are familiar with mechanical bulls. They look fun until you fall off onto the hard and unforgiving plastic floor underneath. Scraped skin and bruised egos are not uncommon sights. The Inflat-A-Bull, however, has completely changed the appeal of this untamable beast.

This inflatable marvel will cost you under $40 if you look hard enough and instead of using a mechanical vaulting mechanism, this bull gives your friends the chance to embarrass you and knock you off, safe in the knowledge that you will be cushioned by the surrounding water. Be prepared for some laughter with this one!

The Pretzel

We’ve got a bit of a foodie theme going here, with the pretzel pool float being one of our recent favourites. The one we’ve had our eye on even has bits of salt on it; we really appreciate the manufacturer’s devotion to reality. Just be aware you can’t actually bite into the thing…

The Pretzel is only a single floating device, instead of the pizza, which is ideally designed for group events. This one can hold a couple of adults, while three kids will probably fit comfortably.

Poop Emoji Float

For our final entry, we’re going a little bit more gross and disgusting. This is not for everyone, and you may even turn up your nose at it (see what we did there?), but if the poop emoji float is good enough for Heidi Klum, then it’s good enough for us. Who thought you’d be heading to Walmart to buy poop for $2.50?

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