5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Name Badges

Name badges are an integral part of most of our professional lives, be it a student who is attending a conference or an IT sector employee reporting for work. The purpose of using the badges is clearly to identify a person effectively. In the vast corporate world, it is not humanly possible to remember every single person attending a social or a professional event. But a lot of people botch up even this simplest of jobs as it really isn’t as simple as it appears. Lot things could go wrong during the making of a name badge.

What Are the Mistakes to Avoid While You Choose Name Badges for Corporate or Advertising Events?

#1. Quality of the badges

This is something which should be foremost on your mind while you plan out the badges in your mind. The quality and material used in making the badges speak a lot about the quality of you event. Plus make sure that you don’t finish of the badge by using an adhesive or a pin as most guests don’t want adhesive stains or pin holes in their dresses and hence are apprehensive of name badges which use either of those. So make an investment and get clips to attach the badges to the dresses. Name badges are worn in NCC, in companies and now you can customize them as simple name badges or plaque badges for your company or for your commercial projects.

#2. Clean, legible, informative but precise

The badge should not be cluttered with information about the person, nor should it contain just the name. Supply the appropriate designations, and in case of a business or personal event you can supply the linkedin profiles or twitter handles as you see fit. The font should be a minimum 24, if not more because any smaller than that would make people squint, which would defeat the purpose of the name badges

#3. Right placement

The correct and appropriate placement of the badges is as important as the badges themselves. A single incorrect placement defeats the very reason why they are used in the first place. The ideal position should be on the right breast bone so that whenever anybody shakes hands with you they get to see your name card directly and hence get introduced to each other. So the success of the event also lies in a little part on the placement of the badges.

#4. The correct size and an efficient graphic designer

The size of the name badges is as important as the designing adorning it. If the badge is too big then it interferes with the person’s fashion. On the other hand a too small card would not enable you to read the written word on it which is the first and foremost motive behind using a name cards.

#5. Recycling

At a time when plastic pollution is the worst enemy of human kind, reusing the name badges at any event would send out a clear message against pollution and raise awareness. So while choosing name badges you should be sure to choose those badges which you think is reusable and can be used for a number of times. Sterling silver, bronze and copper can be recycled to make a plaque or a name badge for your official or school uniform.

No they are not. They show that you care for the environment. And honestly if anybody thinks that caring for the environment is uncool then to hell with that person. You just make sure that you don’t goof up any of the aforementioned rules while making the badges, the rest would take care of itself. Check the material and the gloss if you use reusable badges. Also choose if you can add any form of customized engraving on the badges.

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