5 Mistakes People Make With Their Trampoline

Once we have purchased the trampoline the game is not over. The setting and maintenance of the trampoline require a lot of concentration and hard work. If the parts are not properly recognized and sorted out altogether then injury can be expected.

The five common mistakes that are experienced are explained in this article. All details are listed on our website. For more details, you can visit here and know the details.


  • Not enough space 


The first most important thing to consider is to place your trampoline approximately 8 feet away from stuff that seems to be destructive and might lead to injury as well. Therefore maintaining distance and placing the trampoline 8 feet away from houses, pools, fences or big trees is highly important and advised. Because while on a trampoline people using it become highly adventurous and excited and too many flips can make the person jump into a tree or fence therefore distance is important.

  • Not anchoring down the trampoline 

Another important thing to consider is to anchor down your trampoline to the ground firmly. Well, you can opt for less firm or cheap anchors or high-quality anchors can be used as well. The difference is that with cheap anchors the trampoline can be protected or remain anchored to the base during emergencies but it can lift during jumping sessions but with high quality and durable anchors, you are protected not only during emergencies but also during regular jumping. And hopefully, you don’t want your trampoline to fly away and crash your neighbor’s car or window. Do you? To avoid such circumstances anchor down the trampoline and for more detail and study you can visit https://gardenandpatio.co.uk/collections/trampolines 


  • always have spare parts handy 

Due to continuous use trampolines may get old and require the replacement of a few parts therefore it is important to keep springs in your garage and toolbox because springs are not easily available at the hardware shops. Also, nuts and bolts are important too and are found at every household garage and hardware shop but in case you have your company number and details present you can ring them to purchase a new one or receive a replacement of the old one.

  • Not fixing the holes at once 

That’s another important point to sort out especially if you have small kids. Holes are commonly seen in the mat or the safety net and if it’s small it gets unnoticed and kids avoid telling about it to their parents but if the holes get large they become difficult to handle and treat them. Therefore if you point out a hole immediately fix it to avoid the great hassle.

  • Reading the manual 

Most importantly, certain people avoid taking a look at the manual given with the trampoline and prefer looking for YouTube videos to learn more about it. The given manual comes with a purpose and it is to educate and provide information regarding the set-up and maintenance of the trampoline therefore reading the manual is a must when you are interested in setting up a trampoline.

If you are interested in buying a trampoline make sure you go through every detail about it to avoid future issues. The trampoline once purchased must be placed at a particular distance from destructive stuff and make sure you take a thorough look at the manual as it will help you with every minor to major detail.


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