We all look forward to the summer and beautiful weather that comes with this season. The bright summer sun urges us to slip into our flowy dresses and denim shorts and to enhance our cinnamon tan with a lovely summer makeup look. Truly, there isn’t anything better than a gentle, but alluring sun-kissed glow. Even a number of celebrities, such as the gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski, opt frequently for a perfect summer glow. So, if you want to learn how to accomplish and rock a stunning summer glow makeup look, here are a few useful tips.

  1. Hydrate your skin

To start, you want to hydrate your skin properly. Only when you have applied a good hydrating moisturizer will you be prepared for all of the other steps, such as applying primer and foundation. A moisturizer plumps your skin, making it look fresh and dewy. Additionally, it prepares the surface of the skin for a smooth application of the other makeup products, so that nothing looks patchy or cakey. However, many women, especially those with oily skin, stay away from moisturizing creams during the summer, believing that their skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. This is a common misconception, as oily and combination skin needs plenty of hydration, having in mind that the cause of the skin producing more oils is exactly the lack of moisture. 

  1. Use a CC cream instead of a foundation

In order to achieve glowing skin, it is always better to go for lightweight CC cream instead of a regular foundation. This kind of product will give you coverage, sun protection, as well as even more hydration, thus making your skin ready for contouring with a golden bronzer. On the other hand, if you still opt for foundation, use only a bit of it to cover up any dark circles and brown spots. 

  1. Warm up the skin with a bronzer on your eyelids

Now that your skin is nourished and radiant, it is time to add some bronze to it. Apply bronzer under your cheekbones and also across your eyelids. Using bronzer as an eyeshadow is a great tip for adding warmth to your face. This is actually the secret of many Australian girls, who are known for being the summer glow queens. That is why it is no wonder that you can easily shop for amazing makeup online in Australia, as many of these girls prefer to get their bronzer and highlighter while lounging at a beautiful beach. They know that a perfect bronzer will enhance that golden tan. 

  1. Use a highlighting stick for a natural look

Of course, there is no perfect sun-kissed look without a bit of a highlighter. A creamy highlighter is a great option to consider, as it will give you a natural-looking, yet noticeable glow. Also, it is easy to apply and there are no worries about overdoing it. You should apply it on your cheekbones and the tip of the nose. To make your lips visually fuller, apply a touch of highlighter on your Cupid’s bow. Another great trick is highlighting your inner eyes’ corners. This will make you look more awake, and if you want to play a bit more with your makeup, you can use shimmery pink or blue shades to achieve a fun and trendy look.  

  1. Go for color and moisture with a tinted lip balm

Instead of opting for your usual nude matte lip or your beloved lip gloss, try out a tinted lip balm. It will be a perfect addition to a gorgeous summer glow, making your lips look plump and nourished. Easy to apply, as it only requires a swipe or two, a tinted lip balm is great to carry in your bag and reapply whenever you feel like you need to enhance your sun-kissed look or when you simply want to add a bit more moisture to your lips.


Lastly, wait no more and go get your summer glow with the help of these tips!

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