5 Major Reasons To Install Marble Kitchen Benchtops

When you embark upon a kitchen remodelling project, the biggest dilemma you have to face is regarding the choice of material for the benchtop. With a variety of materials available in the market for the benchtops, it becomes difficult to ascertain which one will be the most suitable for your kitchen. There should be a perfect balance between quality and pricing so that the final product will be apt for space. The marble kitchen benchtops can be the perfect material to serve your purpose.

Why would you choose marble?  

Marble has been attracting homeowners for many years, especially when it comes to selecting the material of the kitchen countertops. It is a natural stone and has a great deal of variations in textures. It is possible to cut the stone into different shapes and you can customize your benchtops according to your kitchen size. White marble becomes a chief reason why people tend to install marble kitchen benchtops. It is elegant and easy to clean. 

A timeless beauty

Indeed, the ancient Romans were undeniably one of the greatest architects and talented artists. Although travertine has been the most common stone that they used in the construction works, marble was always the focus when it was about the intricate designs on the floors or fine sculpture works. The timeless beauty and the unparalleled elegance of marble can still enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. You can add a marble table with your kitchen benchtop and it will give a royal look to your indoor.

Design capabilities

Kitchen renovation indicates that you are planning to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of the space. If you demand a countertop that will need more fabrication, you should switch to the marble kitchen benchtops. The countertops are not necessarily going to be rectangular.

As the stone is softer than the rest of the typical stone slabs that the architects use for benchtops, it offers better workability. Granite is always a strong contender for marble. But if you are looking for fancy edges, then you should go for marble benchtops because you cannot cut the edges of granite.

marble kitchen benchtops Melbourne
marble kitchen benchtops Melbourne


You must be waiting to hear about this, and you will be glad to know that marble is one of the most durable materials for making the kitchen countertop. The Greek and Romans made marble artefacts which successfully withstood the test of time. So you can rely on the durability of the marble kitchen benchtops.

The versatility of the material

You can exhibit stunning effects through the use of marble in making the benchtops.

  • The numerous colours of the marble, beginning from the fine-veined Bianco Perla to the stunning white-veined Nero Marquina, make it possible to maintain harmony with the interior décor.
  • Whether you select the rough-hewn texture or the highly polished surface appearance, both have a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • The marble kitchen benchtops look equally good with the traditional timber doors or the modern-style polyurethane doors. So you can design your kitchen in a modern or traditional style.

Value for money

Marble will be definitely costlier than all other available options in the market. But the return on the investment will be higher than your expectation.

  • Heat resistance is an important feature and essential when you are considering countertop material. The marble kitchen benchtops have good heat resistance, but it is better not to place a hot pot directly from the stove on the marble. The shock can accelerate wear and tear.

If you need the right combination of style, fashion, and usability, nothing can beat marble for making the kitchen countertops. The material is easily available, so you won’t have to wait long to procure the material.

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