5 investments you should consider for the summer


With summer few months away,  you have enough time to prepare for it. The majority of people will spend days and even weeks at the beach, swimming and sunbathing. Here is a list of five things you should invest in before the summer.

1. E-book reader


If you plan to spend a fortnight at the beach, you are probably going to have to kill some time. What better way of reading a book. Since printed books can easily get destroyed, either by water or the paper ripped off, you should start thinking about investing into an e-book reader. The best feature of digital readers is that you can carry as many books with you as you like, hundreds and even thousands. Even if you manage to finish reading all your books, you can easily connect to a nearby WiFi network and download whatever book you like.

2. Waterproof camera


When it comes to making memories, you should definitely start thinking about investing into a photo camera. And not just any camera. Since you are going to spend time at the beach, near and in water, why risk destroying it when you can buy a waterproof camera which you can even take with you to water and take amazing pictures of the underwater world? Pictures of amazing quality will make your picture show look as if it was done by professionals.

3. Phone protector

Another thing you should think about when at the beach is your phone safety. Water can do a lot of harm to your smart phone, especially salty one, so instead of destroying all your memories and all your important data that lie at the palm of your hand, you can simply protect it by investing into a phone protector. The market offers a variety of smart phone cases, but what you need is a waterproof case which will protect your phone while retaining its functionality at the same time.

4. Awesome bikini

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What would one do at the beach without a bikini? Having the trendiest bikini is simply a must for all fashionistas, so make sure to keep up with the latest trends. Since the summer of 2016 is coming to Australia first, the trends dictated here will spread around the world. What was announced at major catwalks this spring are orange bikinis – in all shades, starting from citrus, pumpkin, all the way to marigold and tangerine – just choose! If you are not that into orange, you can also try romantic floral bikinis or bikinis with high waist, cut outs and all shades of turquoise.

5. Laser hair removal


Speaking of bikinis… Yes, waxing can help you get rid of unwanted bodily hair, but think twice before making an appointment. This solution is only temporary, but if you want to get rid of hair and all the problems relating it (such as irritation, ingrown hair and rash), you should think about investing into laser hair removal. This solution is permanent, since the laser prevents the hair from growing again, so you do not have to worry about excessive hair anymore.

This list is, of course, infinite and every person can add their preferences. Be free to tell us about the things you are going to buy this summer in the comments section below.

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