5 Ingenious Gifts Your Whole Family Will Love

5 Ingenious Gifts Your Whole Family Will Love


Giving a gift that brings joy to your loved ones is the greatest feeling. Even if it’s not holiday season, there’s always a reason to pick up a present that the whole family will enjoy. 


Picking out something that everyone will love can be tricky. Your family members likely have different interests, especially when you have kids of all ages. Luckily, we’re here to help. These five ingenious gifts appeal to all of the unique tastes and personalities that make up your home.

Monopoly Deal

Not all families are fans of board games; however, they’ll go crazy over Monopoly Deal. This card version of the gaming classic is fast, ruthless, and easy to learn. The best thing about this gift is that it’s a fun way to squash any family quarrels. 


In this game, it’s every woman, man, and child for themselves, and the competition is fierce. As you play, the desire to win continues to grow with each round. 


Unlike traditional monopoly, this game is quick. You can get through a hand in just minutes, and play as many as you like. Set up tournaments and declare a game night champion! Once you get the hang of it, your family will want to play whenever there’s free time. 

A Pizza Making Kit


According to an article in the Washington Post, 40 percent of Americans eat pizza once a week. We love this food so much that 350 slices are consumed every second. There’s a good reason for this too. Pizza is the perfect combination of flavors and textures. 


Pizza nights are always the best, except for when no one can agree on toppings. Sometimes you have to buy three pizzas to suit the pepperoni lovers, vegetarians, and the lactose intolerants in your family. Instead of breaking the bank to please everyone, get a pizza making kit!


This gift will add so much more fun to your pizza nights, and your family will love it. Everyone can make their own concoction. Play around with combinations of meat, cheese, and other fresh and delicious toppings, and enjoy your handmade masterpiece. 

Family Fun Bucket List


A family fun bucket list is a great gift that your whole family will use throughout the year. Whenever you’re bored and can’t decide what to do together on the weekend, whip out the list and see what you have yet to check off. 


You can buy the Original Family Fun Bucketlist, or personalize your gift and put together a DIY version. Whether it’s stargazing, volunteering, or running a 5K, there’s an abundance of new experiences you and your family could share.

EMF Harmonizer

Whether they’re at home, school, work, or in the car, your family is regularly exposed to technology. We’ve become accustomed to always having gadgets at our beck-and-call, though we’re not sure of the side effects. Many parents worry about the potential health risks and other side-effects posed by an excess of screen time. 


EMF Harmonizer is a European technology that offers effective protection against any damaging effects of electromagnetic field radiation. As you and your loved ones are exposed to EMF radiation from wireless devices, this tool supports health and emotional wellbeing


While this gift might not be the most exciting to open, it’s ingenious and thoughtful Special deals from the EMF Harmony company even offer this protective technology for in the car, the office, and your home. 

An Annual Membership 

Annual memberships are gifts that will bring joy to your family no matter the season. Where’s a place that you all enjoy visiting? Is it a museum, a theme park, or a ski resort? If you live close, buy an annual pass or membership. This way, you and your loved ones can experience the thrills and bond all year round. 


Each time you visit, you’ll have a brand new experience and make new memories. Once you’ve purchased the membership, every time you want to go, entry is free. Your family may even be able to enjoy exclusive discounts and invitations to special events. 

The Verdict

When you’re buying a gift for the whole family, whatever it is should be practical or foster new experiences. These five ideas may help you find the perfect present. All of the gifts are ones that will keep on giving in a way that everyone will appreciate. They’re not things that will just be thrown away or neglected before the next holiday.

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