5 Important Reasons To Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry

The hardest investment to make is often an investment in yourself. Because of this, many people wait years before finally getting the cosmetic dentistry treatment they need. You may be hesitant to visit a dental office and incur the expense, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Continue reading to discover the five reasons you should invest in cosmetic dentistry.   

1. Discolored teeth
Unfortunately, human teeth typically become stained with age. As you age, your teeth will gradually darken, changing from a bright shade of white to a more muted yellow. Consuming several cups of coffee a day or a glass of red wine at dinner will only worsen the situation. Even things that you can’t control, like the amount of fluoride your permanent teeth were receiving as a child when they were only developing, may discolor your smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry offers two simple procedures to whiten your smile. The first one is the in-office teeth whitening treatment that helps get rid of most severe stains. If whitening isn’t an option for you or only some of your teeth are discolored, you can opt for a microabrasion. Microabrasion is a treatment in which a thin layer of your tooth enamel is removed to relieve the whiter enamel underneath.  

2. Bite problems 
Most people avoid straightening their teeth with braces because they think that they are for kids and teens only. However, straightening your teeth is essential to prevent and treat numerous bite problems. These include overbite, crossbite, and underbite. Neglecting to straighten crooked teeth may cause TMJ pain and enamel erosion. Over time, the uneven bite may cause problems with your cheeks or tongue when eating and breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. Straightening your teeth with treatments like professional whitening or dental veneers will also prevent malocclusion and its consequences.  

3. Misshapen teeth 
Are some of your teeth too big compared to the others? Do you constantly clench and grind your teeth at night, which have made them too short or flat? There may be numerous reasons why your teeth might get misshapen. These problems may even run in the family. Whether you think that your teeth are too long, wide, or narrow, cosmetic dentistry can resolve all of your problems. A dental specialist can easily shave down long teeth. Treatments like bonding can help close gaps in your smile and add length to teeth. If you’re unhappy with them, dental veneers can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Missing teeth 
If you’re missing front teeth, you would most likely want to replace them as soon as possible to restore your smile. But, if you’re missing back teeth, which aren’t as visible, is replacing them necessary? Yes, it is. It’s essential to  restore your tooth’s visible part to avoid problems with biting and chewing. Installing a dental implant is even a better option, which will help prevent the loss of volume and density in your jawbone due to missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth with cosmetic dentistry procedures, like dental implants or bridges, may help restore not only the aesthetic appearance but also the functional part of your mouth.

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