5 Ideas for Team Building that Nobody Will Roll Their Eyes At

Team building events are an excellent opportunity for the staff of the entire firm to get together, relax, and bond by engaging in interesting activities. Well, at least that is how things should look like, but in practice, several problems arise. The biggest of these is the fact that the HR department determines which events the employees will like without consulting them first.

This creates dissatisfaction among workers who feel they are being robbed out of their free time and literally forced to enjoy themselves. That is why it is important for the human resources department to understand which team building ideas they can use in order for the workforce not to roll their eyes at their wacky proposals. Here is a list of just 5 ideas that might come in handy.

Escape room

The whole point of a team building outing is creating an opportunity for workers to work together on their own to solve a task. Escape rooms are ideal for this, as you need all the brain cells you can get to solve the puzzles and riddles in order to leave the room in the preset time. This activity typically lasts up to an hour which is the time a group of people is given to find their way out of a specially constructed room. There are many escape rooms in urban areas in Australia, so the firm merely needs to outsource this activity. The best thing is, although they are straining their brains, the workers will actually have fun trying to find the way out of the room they are entrapped in.


Escapes rooms are engaging but only mentally. In order to give your muscles a good workout without putting too much stress on them, your ideal team building activity should be paintball. Picking up a mock rifle will feel good, even for the female members of the staff. They will love running around and shooting colorful ammunition at other team members. The activity is not only fun, but it is an excellent method for stress management. In fact, if there are two members of the team that don’t get along together, it is better for them to discharge a ball or two at each other than to exchange bad language or even worse, punches in the office!

Trivia night at the local pub

We all probably have that one guy in the office that is super chatty and thinks he knows everything. On the other hand, there are colleagues who are always silent but you simply know they are a walking encyclopedia. Well, a trivia night at the local pub, like the ones organized by Miranda RSL Club are an ideal opportunity for everyone to show what they know. Trivia quizzes are not like ordinary pub quizzes because the questions asked there are so unusual that they are more entertaining than educative. However, a literature connoisseur is more than welcome on your team.

Urban campfire storytelling

It might seem childish to state so, but camping out in nature can be an excellent team building activity. In fact, if one of your employees has a large enough backyard, you need not leave the city at all. A simple backyard DIY fire pit will be enough for the workers to informally gather around the hearth. They can roast marshmallows like boy scouts and tell stories they like. In some cases, these will be horror stories, while in other instances these can be merely work-related anecdotes. Perhaps the two kinds of narratives are interconnected? Whatever the case is, employees will love these laid-back gatherings because they will use the power of storytelling that involves carefully listening to unwind and perhaps resolve an office issue or two.

Making a movie

In terms of instigating cooperation, there is no better activity that asking the employees to make a movie. This would be an activity that only those who are truly interested can apply, so you can count on creative energy from day one. You can provide the workers with the necessary tools, namely an HD camera and they could choose the genre they like. A Friday afternoon after work would be the ideal showing time that the whole company, including the owners and CEOs could attend.


In the end, a well-devised team building even will have a positive impact on the company’s productivity. Any of the 5 team building ideas guarantee that your workers will love doing them.

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