It’s time to give your home a quick freshen up! Summer is here and is there a better time to get the overalls on and make those necessary changes? If your home is beginning to feel a bit outdated but your struggling to think of ideas to improve its appearance, we’ve got something just for you.

Perhaps you’d like to jazz up the Feng Shui for a more comfortable way of living, or maybe you want to be the new hostess with the most-ess for your upcoming summer parties? Keep reading – we’ll sort you out.

Install a conservatory

Still think that conservatories are a no-no due to their inability to retain heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer? Think again. Modern conservatories are a fantastic addition to your property all year round and just imagine what you could do with the extra space? Turn it into a a music room, an area to unwind, or a game’s room for your children. For a conservatory roof, Newcastle based Findley Roofing & Building would be happy to assist you during the entire installation, working across the North East.

Transform your staircase

Go and have a look at your staircase right now. Go on, do it. We promise it’ll be worth it. What do you see? Chances are, a hell of a lot of space beneath the steps… And space that’s simply going to waste. For a really unique feel, smash through that wall and the possibilities will be endless. Perhaps you can install a shelf for your books? Or maybe create a cozy, private little corner for your pets.

New front door

Okay, are we completely in over our heads to believe that changing your front door has the ability to give off the impression that you’ve changed your entire home? Yeah, maybe. A brand new door is a really simple yet effective way to improve the exterior of your property, and seeing as it’s the very, very first thing people about your home – it makes sense? Modernising your front door can transform the initial feel of your house. Want to find out what style and model of doors await you? Wickes have some beautiful ones and fantastically priced, too!

Add a patio

Does your garden just boast grass? That’s cool, but like, a patio would be event better. Not only in terms of appearance and practicality, but it’ll also add significant value to your home. A decking or patio area will transform your garden into a space that’s perfect for entertaining guests throughout the summer months. Just by adding a some pretty lights, a BBQ, a table and some chairs, you’ll have your friends green with envy.

Remodelling the kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most powerful part of your home – so much happens in that one space, especially if it’s also home to your dining table and chairs. This is where you create the delicious dinner that your family will sit down to in that very same room. This is where your children will complete their homework, and has fast become fast become the hum of every family house. If you can afford the time and expense necessary to complete strip your current kitchen and install something new, go for it! Alternatively, updating your kitchen doesn’t need to break the bank because even a fresh coat of paint can transform the space.

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