5 Health Concerns for 20-Somethings

Your twenties are a golden time. You’re young, exploring yourself, experiencing new things, and figuring out what you want to do in life. For the average 20-something, this time is relatively devoid of serious health problems like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

On the other hand, just because you’re young and active, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your health. Even people in their twenties have certain health risks they are more vulnerable compared to other age populations.

1. Chronic Sleep Problems

People in their twenties are usually busy people. They’re studying at college, picking up part-time or even full-time jobs. If they moved out at 18, they may still be acclimating to handling responsibilities and taking care of difficult adult decisions. Even if they still live with their families, there’s a lot of responsibility extra work that comes with that. The bottom line is, people in their twenties find it difficult to get regular, healthy sleep. A busy life can be stressful, and many find themselves continuing to work at night or thinking about the work they must do the next day.

2. Anxiety and Depression

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression, the United States’ most common disorders, run rampant with younger adults. With the irregular sleep schedule and stress of being a responsible adult, it’s an environment conducive to the development of such disorders.

3. Developing Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse, whether for alcohol or other illegal drugs, are more likely to occur during late adolescence to early adulthood. With having more accessibility to certain drugs and alcohol, especially on college campuses, many people fall into dependence on certain drugs. If you feel like this sounds like you, your priority is finding a drug rehab center in your city. Facilities like Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati have the resources and experienced staff to help young adults treat their addiction. With substance abuse, prevention and quick action are always best.

4. Sports-related Injuries

If you are involved in a sport and go to college, you might feel a lot more pressure and competition. University sports are a lot more serious, especially if your scholarship depends on your athletic performance. That being said, many injuries can come about during training or rough competition out on the field. Even if you don’t do any sports, it’s during this age that many people want to go to the gym and get fit. While this is amazing for your health and stress-relief, exercising improperly, especially without proper fuel or sleep, might lead to injuries.

5. STDs

Despite the increase in awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and infections, people in their twenties still have a higher chance of contracting them. According to the America Sexual Health Association, sexually active people have a 50% chance of developing an STD/STI. Fortunately, universities strive to raise awareness and offer campus resources regarding sexual health and safety practices.

Final Words

Your twenties are a time in which you set the stage for the rest of your life. The habits you have as a young adult can have some negative effects later. It’s important to be knowledgeable about these health concerns to identify any areas in your life to improve upon. It’s never too late to take care of your health, but it’s also never too early.

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