5 Hassle-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Express How You Care

Shoppers tend to spend around $1,400 on holiday-related purchases. If you’re hoping for a lower-cost holiday this year, stocking stuffers are here to help. Whether you fill stockings with candy or tech accessories, well-packed stockings offer wonderful holiday memories and delightful gifts for the whole family.

Stocking stuffers offer inexpensive goodies for family members and friends of all ages. Check out these five hassle-free stocking stuffer ideas for your holiday gathering this year.

  1. Electronic Accessories

Stockings provide a perfect home for presents that don’t necessarily make a big impact on their own but are equally important. For family members who receive gaming consoles this year, consider adding accessories for the console in their stocking. Popular gaming console accessories include extra gaming controllers, games, and screen protectors.

Stockings also hold small technology accessories like headphones, new cell phones, and phone cases. While these are higher-end gifts, they offer a nice surprise for gift receivers who are just expecting candy in their stocking.

  1. Gift Cards or Certificates

Gift cards and gift certificates are the perfect sizes for stocking surprises. When choosing a gift card, think of the gift recipient’s favorite stores and be sure to consider the average prices of items sold in that store. For example, a $5 gift card at a local coffee shop is better than a $5 gift card from a technology store.

For gift certificates, choose a fun experience or holiday getaway for the gift recipient. A great example is a certificate for a spa experience that covers the entire cost of the visit.

By gauging the interests and hobbies of your gift receiver, you’ll allow them to embark on a guilt-free experience they may have been dreaming about for a while.

  1. Beauty Items

Beauty and skincare items are often small enough to fit in a stocking, making them great stocking stuffers. Brow gels, makeup brushes, and body scrubs are all popular beauty stocking stuffers.

Plus, hand creams, gel face masks, and moisturizers are perfect skincare add-ons for gift recipients with a skincare routine.

  1. Silly and Fun Items

Stockings are the safest way to gift silly items that wouldn’t make a splash as a one-off present. Think of these stocking stuffers as a way to make the gift recipient smile and remember the occasion fondly.

Gag items like a funny mug or an item that references an inside joke is always a safe bet. Plus, consider adding an international or rare type of candy to satisfy unique cravings.

Other fun items include small things that people wouldn’t think to purchase on their own. A beginner’s embroidery kit, for example, is fun and unexpected. It may even cause the gift recipient to pick up a new hobby.

  1. A Charitable Donation

Donating to a charity on behalf of a friend or family member provides a fun holiday surprise while giving back. In some cases, a charitable donation comes with special access to events, which makes this gift multi-layered.

Not sure which charity your friend or family member is interested in donating toward? Consider creating a list of options for your gift recipient as a present. Encourage your gift recipient to choose a charity, then donate in their name.

Hassle-Free Holiday Gifts

Stocking stuffers are a fantastic and hassle-free way to complement main gifts. From knick-knacks to accessories, a well-packed stocking may even steal the show on Christmas Day.

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