5 Hacks To Have The Best Waiting Room Ambiance

Being in a waiting room suggests that either you are a patient waiting to be seen by a dentist or with someone waiting for the dentist. Either way, waiting rooms can be nerve-wracking, clock watching, or time spent watching patients and staff move about. Time in a waiting room is rarely relaxing.


Being able to relax in a waiting room is a skill not often mastered by patients. Whether you or someone else is waiting to see the dentist, a dental office waiting room’s ambiance and atmosphere can determine whether patients are uptight about the wait or feeling a sense of calm and happiness.


When they finally see the dentist, a patient’s attitude has a lot to do with the waiting room ambiance. In addition to promoting comfort in subtle ways, five hacks to have the best waiting room ambiance are:

1. Provide patients with something fascinating to look at.

Painting your office in warm tones and providing exciting magazines and books are great but not enough to keep patients relaxed as they wait. Consider interesting artwork, murals, or shelving accents that will draw the eyes and set the entire office’s tone. Good art will make the patient interested in it and have them thinking about displaying that piece in their home or office. If your space is ample, consider googling dentist office construction for contractors in your area who specialize in transforming offices by add shelving or other exciting nooks.

2. Offer patients a comfortable place to sit.

The best way for patients to know that you care about their comfort while they wait is by offering comfortable seating. As the first impression of the office, comfortable, spacious chairs or loveseats, people don’t have to struggle to get an A-plus grade. No dentist wants patients that have to wait, but when they do, sitting in comfort makes that wait more tolerable. On the flip side, furniture that can stand wear and tear are essential. People flop, toss and turn while waiting, so office furniture turnover can be more often than wanted. Also, keep in mind that most offices are modern or traditional styles. Make sure you select pieces that compliment the art and vibe of the office.

3. Suggest your staff bring their home training to work.

Let’s face it; dental work can make nerves twitch. Walking into an office where the staff is pleasant and welcoming goes a long way to ease twitching nerves. That means having receptionists greet patients when they enter the office. An office with guidelines for greetings, calling patients back to be seen, giving patients accurate information regarding the wait time, and speaking in confidential tones leaves patients with confidence and trust in the entire staff.

4. Extend the courtesy of coffee, water, or snacks.

Setting up a self-serve coffee and water station in your waiting room adds a homey ambiance that cannot be matched. Patients who see self-serve stations will appreciate not having to spend more money than the cost of their appointment for a hot or cold beverage. Setting up the station doesn’t have to break the bank either. A contractor can build a countertop with under storage area or small refrigerator for the water. On top, a Keurig or one cup coffee maker, cups, coffee pods, creams, and stirrers – all disposable, of course. These stations are easy to maintain and keeps patients happy.

5. Present your patients with life.

Plants add to office decor, and they also present a neat and clean aesthetic touch to waiting rooms. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, making the waiting room less stuffy. There are also plants with larger leaves that can deflect some of the dentist’s sound to add to the office’s privacy component.


The ambiance in your dentist’s office can mean the difference between happy or grumpy patients. Five hacks to have the best waiting room ambiance include giving patients something to look at, offering a comfortable place to sit, suggesting office staff bring their home training to work, and presenting patients some life. These hacks will make your office ambiance unforgettable and give your patients something to be happy about.

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