5 Great Craft Ideas to Make With Your Family

Crafts are a great way to teach a multitude of skills to your children. From identifying colors to fine motor skills, there are many benefits on top of spending quality time with them. Not to mention you get to keep those masterpieces to treasure forever. If that sounds intriguing, you need to try these five great craft ideas with your children.


1. Flowerpot

This craft is great for any season, but especially spring and summer. All you need is popsicle sticks, an empty can, and string. Of course, if you choose you can use any means of decoration you or your children want. A great way to do this craft is to put a rubber band around the can, stick the popsicle sticks inside the rubber band, and then tie the popsicle sticks securely. After decorating, you have a beautiful, creative flowerpot! You can also make this for chalk, pens, or even makeup brushes. It’s inexpensive but gorgeous.


2. Sunflower Handprints

This cute little craft is a great gift, decoration, or keepsake. All you need is colored construction paper, glue, scissors, a jumbo popsicle stick, and markers. All you do is trace your child’s handprint, cut it out five times, glue the handprints on the green jumbo popsicle stick in the pattern of a sunflower, glue on some little green leaves from green construction paper, then glue on a brown circle in the middle of the handprints. You or your child could draw little seeds onto the brown circle to add details. This adorable craft will remind you of your child’s little hands or brighten up someone’s day!


3. Easy Fairy Garden

If you have a space in your garden you have wanted to fill up for a while, this is a magical way to decorate it! It’s also super easy, but super fun for the kids. All you need is flower pots and paint, but you can add more if you choose to. All you do is turn those plain flower pots into a fairy’s home. If you choose to add more, it is very much recommended you use 3m VHB tape, which is the strongest 3m double-sided foam tape. This tape is great for many reasons, but it will hold up anything you choose to add to this craft in any type of weather. After a few flower pots, you will have a beautiful fairy garden!


4. Bugs on a Branch

If your little one is fascinated by bugs or you just want a fun little craft to do, this one is for you! All you need is plastic spoons, a hot glue gun, green construction paper (or green felt), paint, and markers. You can also choose to add googly eyes if you don’t want to draw the eyes. You’ll paint the handles of the spoons brown and the tops any color you choose. Put the green paper or felt around where the color changes and make leaf designs. You can hot glue more branches and bugs as you choose. Once your done, decorate your bugs! This craft is fun for all ages and can make you think creatively.


5. Fire Breathing Dragon

This craft is a fun toy for all boys and girls. For this one, you will want to have 1 paper roll, construction paper, 2 bigger pom poms, 2 smaller pom poms, 2 googly eyes, 3 scraps of red tissue paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Start by attaching the googly eyes to the bigger pom poms. You’ll want to wrap construction paper around your paper roll and secure it with hot glue, then add the eyes on one side. You’ll then add the two smaller pom poms on the lower side of the paper roll to make a dragon nose. Cut the tissue paper into long strips. You can just use red or add more fire colors, then attach them to the inside of the paper roll. Your child can blow into the paper roll and the dragon will appear to blow fire out!


The best part of any craft is the creativity and joy that comes from the project itself. You can take these crafts and do them according to the instructions, or find ways to make them even more unique and educational for your child. Crafts are great for education, fun, and bonding between the parent and child. Don’t forget to join in with your child and try some yourself! Hopefully, you and your family take these crafts and make wonderful memories from them.

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