5 Garden Styling Tips: Adding a Water Feature

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way to style your garden and give it a unique personality? Then it is time to invest in a water feature. Considering how many different options there are out there, you might feel a bit lost when it comes to making a purchase decision. Here are some tips to guide you in finding the perfect fit for your home’s exterior.

Choose between traditional and modern

A beautiful pond or water feature can easily accentuate the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Therefore, if you have a traditional, Asian-inspired garden, you might want to consider water features like classic geometric, tiered designs which contribute to the clean, sleek lines of your existing landscaping. Other traditional styles include animal-inspired designs, such as lion’s heads or dolphins.

If you are keen to add a touch of modern flair to the space, there are countless exciting masterpieces from which to choose, such as cascading water blades, dancing fountains, floating fountains, and more.

Pay special attention to placement

If you are investing in a larger, more elaborate pond or water feature, it makes sense to place it centrally within your garden. That way, it becomes the focal point and the aspect of the space that is certain to get your guests talking. If you have opted for a smaller water feature and your garden is quite big, think about placing it in a sunny corner and perhaps creating a lovely seating area around it.

Avoid placing water features in dark, shady spots as doing so could result in the garden’s atmosphere becoming colder and less inviting. Seeing that water glisten in the sunlight is a huge part of the enjoyment, after all!

Consider a pond

A stunning pond is arguably the ultimate water feature and can maximise the beauty and ‘green’ factor of your garden in an instant. Unless you are well-versed in outdoor DIY, you can expect better results regarding construction if you decide to hire a professional landscaper for help.

Go eco-friendly

Certain suppliers stock a host of eco-friendly water features and pond accessories that can help to reduce your carbon footprint and keep your utility bills to a minimum. For example, water-garden.co.uk sells Aquamax Eco Premium pond pumps for optimal energy efficiency, even when your pond is operating continuously. These eco-friendly pond pumps are extremely quiet and designed to function in extreme temperatures.

Conceal pipework and cables

Some water features will come with their fair share of pipework and cables, which can be rather unsightly. A great option to conceal them is to place wood mouldings or other decorative elements over them. Another excellent solution if your water feature is near a wall is to introduce wall climbing plants or shrubs to cover up the piping and cables.  Trachelospermum, Californian lilac, Virginia creeper, or potato vine are all good choices.

Just be sure to select your climbing plants based on how much sun the wall in question is exposed to each day. Some thrive better in the sunshine, while others can only survive in the shade.

Enjoy your lovely garden!

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