5 Fun and Productive Ways to Kill Boredom

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More people are staying home and distancing socially. Being stuck at home can be boring. Here are five fun and productive ways to kill boredom.

1. Stick to a Routine

Humans thrive on habit. Routines promote wellness and good mental health. They create structure and organization. A routine can minimize the feeling of boredom.

Boredom is a feeling of not being engaged with one’s surroundings. It is a warning to stop doing certain things and start doing something else. Unfortunately, people don’t make the best decisions when they are bored. Sticking to a routine can help.

Starting a routine may have you wondering why you didn’t start one before. They offer more time to relax and less anxiety. You feel satisfied because you complete tasks in your routine. Routines also help you set a good example for others.

2. Enjoy Guilty Pleasures

Many started the pandemic by making a list of the productive things they wanted to accomplish. However, they quickly realized that only engaging in meaningful hobbies can be mentally and emotionally taxing. For example, learning how to play a new instrument, learning how to paint, or mastering algebra are productive activities, but they are not necessarily easy to do.

Therefore, you want to include guilty pleasures, like streaming your favorite television series. You want to find the guilty pleasures that ease boredom and are right for you.

For example, for one person, throwing an extravagant wine party over Zoom is a relaxing guilty pleasure. However, this same virtual wine tasting may be too exhausting for you to actually enjoy it. If you need to do a little mental gymnastics to enjoy your guilty pleasure, go ahead. Instead of seeing it as wasted time, reframe it as something that is nourishing, refreshing, and recharging.

3. Learn a New Hobby

Learning a new hobby can be a surefire cure to boredom. The question is, what hobby should you pick?

First, you must separate a hobby from an interest. An interest is something that you want to learn about. You may be curious about it or may have heard about it from your family members. A hobby is an enjoyable leisure activity. It is something that you do when you are free from the demands of work or other responsibilities.

There are several ways to find an enjoyable hobby. Think about the things you have always wanted to do. Think about the things you enjoyed when you were a child. Ask yourself about how you enjoy spending your free time. If all of this fails, go on a hobby quest for inspiration.

Coin collecting, for example, is an unbelievably popular hobby. You may not think it is right for you. However, you will never know unless you purchase a couple of coin folders and start collecting. The same thing is true with stamp collecting, birdwatching, art, and more.

4. Become Your Own Cheerleader

Having too much downtime is worse than having no downtime at all. Schedule vacuums lead to boredom. Actively fill your schedule holes to prevent boredom from creeping in the first place.

You may feel bored because you have a temporary lack of confidence. You may feel that you don’t have what you need to succeed when moving toward your goals. Take some time to review your high points and build up your confidence. Start writing a journal. Meditate on positive things. Add a new challenge to your life. The more you become your own advocate, the less bored you will feel.

5. Volunteer

If you find that you are frequently bored, you may need a long-term solution. Volunteering is a great way for you to spend your free time. Volunteering allows you to educate yourself on a new topic. It helps you meet new people in person or virtually and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are using your free time to help others.

6. Read a Book

Reading is a great way to kill time and be productive too. When you read, you keep your brain strong and healthy. Reading uses a complex network of signals and circuits in your brain, and as your reading comprehension increases, the networks involved also get stronger. Reading helps to increase your brain connectivity, 

There are more outlets for entertainment today than at any other time in history. One would think that with social media, streaming services, gaming, and different forms of education a person would never get bored. However, just the opposite is the case. With a little effort and planning, you can successfully kill boredom.

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