‘Beneath the makeup, I am just a girl who wishes for the world to be mine’-Marilyn Monroe

Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion that celebrates the union of two souls in the bond of togetherness. Every girl dreams of getting married and what creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon-worthy bride is the bridal makeup. Dressed in red, adorned in her bridal ensemble, with her bridal makeup a bride is considered as the epitome of sheer beauty and grace.

Traditional heavy makeup has become a talk of the past. With changing times the beauty industry has changed the concept of bridal makeup roping in new makeup styles and trends every year. Right from dewy makeup to a holographic makeup the plethora of makeup styles makes it a tedious task to select the right one.No matter in which part of the country your getting hitched or what attire you’re donning on your wedding day what matters the most is the right selection of the perfect makeup style.

Are you planning to get married in the city of joy? You must be then in quest of the top makeup artist in Chandigarh? With the number of makeup artist available in the wedding market are you confused about your choice? Worry not as we have got your back. Here are some frugal tips that would steer your search for a makeup artist in the right direction. Check it out, brides.

  1. Set Your Budget

Wedding is an expensive affair and if not planned within a budget then it is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Before reaching to the makeup artist you must set a budget for the makeup artist. Setting a budget for the makeup artist not just guides your search in the right direction but it also leaves out chances for negotiation with the caterer for the final costing.

Often in the quest of making their wedding unique, the brides go to extra lengths and while doing so they end up spending more than what they intended to. You definitely would not want to start your wedding life with debt on your shoulder. To avoid this glitch it is advisable to set a budget for the makeup artist. A budget would help in cutting out over expenses thus enabling you to stick to the budget.

  1. Choose Your Style

The beauty industry has roped in numerous bridal makeup styles of which you need to decide your style in advance. Before booking your makeup artist research about the various styles available in the market and select the ones that match with your wedding outfit. A bridal makeup style should be one that compliments your wedding outfit and also makes you to look natural, highlights your sharp features, not making you to look overdone. Selecting your makeup style well in advance would make it easier for you to brief your makeup artist about your idea and requirement.

  1. Trial Session

Wedding is the most anticipated moment that a bride waits for eagerly. You would not want to ruin your special day with a trial and error glitch. To avoid this while booking your makeup artist ask for a trial session. A trail session helps you to get familiar with the working style and working pattern of the makeup artist. It also enables you to ensure that the makeup artist is worth the price. A professional makeup artist is an expert owning to which they would be able to apply the makeup in a single attempt. The trial session not just gives you an insight into how you’re going to look on your wedding day but it would also familiarize you with the swiftness of their work.

  1. Availability

After much man hunting, you finally have found your perfect makeup artist but when you try booking them you find that they have run out of dates, sounds like a disappointment, right! To avoid this glitch it is better to book your makeup artist well in advance. During the wedding season, every bride in quest of getting only the best has her hands on the top makeup artist in town. Booking your bridal makeup artist well in advance enables you to get your hands on the city’s best artist. Also, early booking has its own perks as it enables you to get your hands on the early bird prices. Additional discount and getting to save on a few extra bucks never hurt anyone, does it?

  1. Cancellation Policy

Wedding is a joyous occasion but you never know when unforeseen things can happen. Mishaps are inevitable and can happen at any place at any point of time. Weddings are an expensive affair and you would not want your investment to go down the drain due to mishaps. Refund and cancellation policy safeguard your money from getting drained during mishaps. A top bridal makeup artist would always have a cancellation policy as part of their agreement. So be on the safer side and have a discussion about the cancellation and refund with your selected vendor before making the payment.

So these were a few essential tips that would guide your search for a perfect makeup artist in the right direction. Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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