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5 Fashion Investments Every Woman Should Make - Likeitgirl

5 Fashion Investments Every Woman Should Make

Ladies love fashion regardless of their particular style. With incredible sales and retail therapy, more often than not, we tend to forget all those promises we made about buying only the things we need and having more self-control. While there’s a definite feeling of happiness after a shopping spree, you have to admit, there’s a little bit of guilt involved as well. So, if you want to be a smart buyer, you should know what pieces are actually worth the investment. Then you can build your style around those fashionable garments and accessories and always keep in mind the color combos and effect that you want to achieve, which will make any additional shopping more structured and thought-out.


Walk down the yellow brick road wearing fabulous shoes

Everyone needs a good pair of comfy shoes. Now, it’s practically impossible to choose just one pair for every occasion and season, but keep in mind that as long as you take a good look at your wardrobe you can come up with a moderate amount of shoes that would match many different looks. If you don’t like to wear heels, don’t buy them. If you hate how your feet feel in flats, don’t buy those either. When it comes to the health aspect, it’s been said that 3cm heel is best for a good posture and joint support. Invest your money in shoes, boots, sandals and sneakers that would serve you for many seasons and provide you with a fashionable look whatever you decide to wear.


Wear that outwear like a star

A flattering coat and leather jacket are basically two key garments that are worth the investment. If you can have them custom made even better. It’s important to pick the jackets and coats according to your own body type and preferences in cut and length so that you can look gorgeous and feel confident every time you step out of your home. What’s more, a good quality coat and an edgy leather jacket can make any outfit look luxurious and well put together.


One really great bag to rule them all

Let’s face it, apart from shoes, we spend most of our hard-earned money on bags. But, in all honesty, if you choose one great-quality designer fashion Marie Turnor bag that would be versatile and perfect for all your needs, you wouldn’t need to spend more money on other ones. Of course, you’d have to think through what kind of bag would be your perfect choice, but in general, when going for that one bag that will be your staple piece, you should go for a medium size bag that doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of details. The usual colors are black, brown, beige, white and red.


Even classier than LBD – their majesty the jeans

A small disclaimer – there’s nothing wrong with LBD but let’s be fair – you probably already own your go-to little black dress. On the other hand, we tend to spend a lot of money on cheap jeans just to have them in bulks. Not to mention that cheap denim can rip and distress pretty fast. Therefore, invest your money in three pairs of good quality denim jeans – skinny, classic straight cut and flare ones – and you’ll be able to pull of many different looks while the jeans themselves will last you a long time looking as good as new.


Body shapers live on

When you think about body shaper today you might still recall the pain and discomfort of old-fashioned girdles and corsets. Rest assured that there’s nothing painful about body shapers nowadays. They are made of stretchy, high-quality materials that allow the skin to breathe while well-fitted waist cincher subtly transforms your figure into a flattering and attractive hourglass shape. Investing in any type of body shaper is a smart move since all your clothes will fit and look better and you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Apart from knowing where to invest your money when it comes to fashion, it’s essential to stress out the importance of taking proper care of your garments and accessories if you want them to look nice for a long time and keep their flattering shape and vibrant color. Therefore, follow the instructions on the labels and treat your fashionable items gently and carefully.

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