If you enjoy keeping up with the latest chic apparel items, you’d probably like to know what’s going to be popular for the next season ahead. Fashion experts are already talking about what’s to come for the cooler days to come. Anyone ready for sweater weather will want to keep reading to discover five fall fashion trends for 2021. Take note of your favorites from this list to get a jump on what’s hot in autumn looks.

1. 90s Head to Toe

In recent years, we’ve seen a revival of 90s accessories. This fall, you can expect to see fashionistas going all-out in complete outfits inspired by the decade of grunge. As they say, “Everything old is new again.” This is great news for those who are nostalgic for the 90s and the younger crowd looking to try on the fads of the previous generation. Items like white t-shirts under slip dresses, Doc Martens with miniskirts, overalls, and maxi-length cardigans will be making a comeback this fall. Have fun with it and load up on as many of these fads of the past as you’d like.

2. Saturated Shades

If you prefer the cooler months or even winter wear, you may like this next trend. For the fall, you can make a dramatic color palette switch to signal the change of seasons. However, you don’t have to stick with traditional autumn earth-toned hues. Instead, this year’s thing will be bold jewel tones and bright, bold shades. Think mustard yellow, deep purple, emerald green, and other royal colors.

3. Daytime Sequins and Sparkles

Anyone who enjoys all things bright and shiny will be pleased to learn about this next trend. For fall 2021, get ready to dig out the bling. Metallic materials, sequins, jewels, and sparkles will be all the rage. And these flashy fashions aren’t meant to be saved for a night on the town or a formal event. No way. After spending so much time indoors and isolated during the pandemic, people are ready to have fun with fashion again. They want to be seen. What better way to do that than to make a splash, day or night? Even an everyday trip to the grocery store is now a reason to celebrate in your most vibrant attire. While shiny pieces will be accepted everywhere, you may not want to go overboard by wearing them from head to toe. Instead, pair a sequined jacket with a pair of black pants or dark jeans. Wear a white button-down with a metallic skirt. The contrast between bling and understated works well.

4. Pants with a Print

This season’s standout trend may well be the printed pant. Go from the flowy, breezy, and light fabric of summer to heavier and more structured materials like corduroy, wool, and denim. Except you get to keep the fun and frivolous vibe of the warmer months by choosing pants with a standout allover print. Go for checks, stripes, reptile prints, florals, or chevron. Pairing them with a solid color top works or you can be brave and mix prints. Check out a boho boutique clothing store for inspiration and let your creativity shine. Those who strive to express their bold personalities with fashion will have a field day with this trend. However, if you’re more reserved, you can still explore the printed pant vibe. Just choose a look that reflects your more understated style. There’s a print for everyone.

5. Platform Shoes

You can’t have a fashion list without including at least one shoe trend. After all, the shoes can often make the whole outfit. Elevated footwear is one trend that definitely won’t go unnoticed. Chunky heels can look cool in all sorts of styles. From loafers to lace-up boots, you can surely find one that complements both your personality and your outfit. Platforms are great because they give you a lift without being too difficult to walk in. This trend should have staying power well into the winter months, so have fun with it.


Hopefully, these five fall fashion trends for 2021 have provided you with plenty of inspiration to get out there and pull together a fantastic cool-weather wardrobe. Feel free to fit these trends into your look in ways that make you feel terrific and reflect your signature style.

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