5 Factors That Matter When Selecting Men’s Tights

Exercise attire has undergone a sea change with baggy sweats giving way to leggings, even for men. The male species is gradually embracing this snug-fitting lower garment made from compression material.

Men’s tights can be boldly worn as is, and if you need time to break into them, there is a feasible option. You may begin by wearing these leggings as a base layer under your shorts.

The benefits of wearing these compressive male leggings are:

  • It reduces muscle fatigue while exercising
  • Provides muscle support
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after an intense workout
  • Improves posture
  • Facilitates free movement
  • Enhances performance

Tights in bright metallic colors make you visible, especially when out running or jogging in the dark. They even adequately protect your legs in freezing temperatures. Men’s tights or leggings are often referred to as meggings. While sourcing them, keep in mind the following five factors to ensure your tights are comfortable, practical, and functional:

High-Stretch Fabric

Meggings made from high-stretch fabric are specially designed for men. They sit well around your waist and crotch area, providing ample comfort. The stretch quality of the material gives you extra width and length without highlighting your male genital region.

Light in Weight

Premium tights made from spandex and polyester offer you a lightweight option perfect for stretching and free movement. Besides the comfort aspect, the tights you invest in must have superior durable construction and offer higher compression.

Breathable Material

Leggings are created to fit your lower part tightly like a second layer of skin. Hence, they must have a fabric with moisture-wicking and breathable properties. This feature comes in handy, mainly when you undertake intense physical activity.

After Care

Removing stains from your meggings should be possible with regular washing that is convenient to execute. If machine-washing your tights in cold water using a mild detergent keeps it clean without damaging the fabric, it is a practical purchase.

All you need to do is turn this wash and wear attire inside out before putting it into the machine. Drip drying your washed leggings on a flat surface is also doable. For holographic and metallic designs, less frequent washes are advisable to prevent these prints from fading out faster.

Reflect Size

Men’s leggings that reflect their size ensure you are not left groping in the dark. Reputed brands even have a sizing chart where corresponding measurements are listed to find your perfect pair with ease.

If your regular fit falls into two categories, opt for the larger size. The chosen tights will give you more freedom of movement without being baggy.

Wearing leggings is not restricted to workout, yoga, running, or gym gear. If you’re looking to update your fashion, choose a pattern that blends well should you decide to wear it for a casual outing.

Some tights in killer colors and wild designs double-up as party wear and take your style quotient up many notches. Preferably avoid wearing holographic and metallic print tights for exercising as they undergo a special printing process to create their unique appeal.

Embrace this trendy change with confidence by opting for brands that cater to your male body.

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