5 Fabulous Christmas Craft Projects for the Whole Family

Christmas craft projects are a wonderful family tradition. With Christmas craft projects you don’t only create great heirloom items, but you also spend quality time with the family making memories that are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Laura Legend’s tips on Christmas craft projects…

Christmas craft projects for the whole family fill the holidays with fun and produce keepsakes that will be treasured from generation to generation. Here are some great ideas for Christmas craft projects your family is sure to enjoy.

1. Christmas ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments are fun Christmas craft projects. Shopping at a hobby store, you will find various types of Christmas ornaments you can make including pre-poured plaster ornaments and wooden ornaments that can be painted.

There are also idea books that show you various types of ornaments you can make with patterns and instructions for things like miniature stick horses, little dolls and other types of Christmas figurines.

Making a different type of ornament each year and putting names and dates on them will decorate your Christmas tree with very special ornaments and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

2. Photo ornaments

Making photo ornaments is a great idea and it will be loads of fun year after year to see how the family has changed when decorating the Christmas tree. For photo ornaments you can use a family photo, or individual photos of each family member.

“Frame” the photo using construction paper and decorations such as glitter or sequins, then laminate it to protect it from year to year. These photo ornaments can be made using a different shape each year.

Stars, hearts, bells, circles that look like peppermint candies or gingerbread houses are a few shapes that are easy to make for a Christmas craft project.

3. Christmas cookies

Decorated Christmas cookies may not be keepsakes, but they are fun (and yummy) Christmas craft projects.

Using a basic sugar cookie recipe works well and they can be decorated with colored frosting, colored sprinkles and candies.

Cookie cutters may include shapes like gingerbread men, stars, Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes, or circles that can be decorated like Christmas bulbs.

4. Gingerbread houses

Gingerbread houses are fascinating Christmas craft projects that make an interesting and fun family tradition.

Most craft shops have recipes and patterns for gingerbread houses or you can get them from the internet. Gingerbread houses can be decorated in many different ways.

Though the house itself is perishable, you can take pictures of the gingerbread house year after year (maybe even in a family picture) and make a collage type frame with all the photos in it to be used as a Christmas decoration, or you can add the photos to a Christmas scrapbook.

Fun Fact: Gingerbread originated in Europe and it has been around since the 11th century. The German fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel brought about the idea of making gingerbread houses.

5. Yard decorations

Yard decorations are fabulous Christmas craft projects that will enable the family to decorate the yard year after year with a new addition each year.

Yard decorations can be made of plywood that is cut into a shape and painted. Nailing wood stakes to the bottom enables the decoration to “stand” in the yard.

What you may make is limited only by your own imagination. Some people choose a decorating theme, like Santa for instance. If using a theme your Christmas craft projects, each year add to the theme.

For instance, you may make a Santa one year, his sleigh the next year, and then a bag of presents, a reindeer, an elf, a Merry Christmas tree, etc. After several years, you will have a full scene to place in your yard as the collection of Christmas craft projects grows.

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