5 Effective Ways To Clean Your Roof Gutters

Timely maintenance is essential to get the best out of most of the gadgets and other conveniences of life. But, does that apply to the gutters too? The answer is a big yes because clogged gutters can potentially ruin not only your sleep but also deliver serious problems that you could have avoided with some forethought. The best way to insure yourself from such a possibility is entrusting the task to professional Gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula or Gutter cleaning Chelsea people. Most homeowners seldom climb up the roof at intervals and check for the small tree branches, dry leaves or other debris that accumulates on the roof.  A simple way to keep track of this is to view your rooftop from a neighbour’s house that is higher than yours. It does not hurt anyone and you can quickly take stock on any weekend and stay free from having to call an emergency gutter cleaning Mornington service.

Annual maintenance contract

When you enter into an annual maintenance contract for your roof gutters with Gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula or Gutter cleaning Chelsea, you can also shift the responsibility of periodic inspection and necessary action to the service provider. The service provider is then responsible to ensure that your gutters are always clean and you are free from any painful surprises.

Gutter cleaning DIY methods

Nevertheless, if you have the physical ability and necessary tools, you can also take the DIY route for gutter cleaning Mornington or gutter cleaning Chelsea. Before embarking on this, you should ensure that you have the following inputs.

  • A plastic bucket with a strong handle
  • An extension ladder that is sturdy enough
  • Pair of gloves
  • Leaf scooper
  • A power washer/garden hose or a leaf blower

Equipping yourself with these safety materials is essential that you stay safe from potential injuries.

Roof gutter cleaning with the leaf blower

A leaf blower comes with a nozzle attached and designed particularly to release just a narrow air stream. Thus, it is a perfect aid for gutter cleaning. Simply place the ladder in a way to enable slow movement to reach the downspout. Simultaneously you can blow away the obstructions in the way using the leaf blower. While undertaking this task, you should ensure that the leaves do not get into the downspout. Before completing the process, if you notice any twigs or leaves, remove them using a hose.

Use a dry or wet vacuum

If you find heavy debris on your roof, you are better off employing a dry or wet vacuum. A local home improvement retailer can supply you the essentials like the curved attachments or hoses. These additions will be very helpful in reaching obstructed gutters with ease even without climbing up the roof. However, you should also know that stubborn dirt can be sucked by the vacuum only when you have moistened it up. After clearing the debris using the vacuum, remember to wash the gutters and the downspout with the help of a garden hose.  Once these steps are completed, you will have a clean gutter free from all contaminants.

Using a power washer

Before starting the gutter cleaning task, you are better off checking the level and type of dirt/debris on the roof gutters. This will help you employ the right gutter cleaning Mornington technique. For example, if you can’t even remember the last time you cleaned the gutters, you are likely to see a heavy accumulation of dirt, twigs and leaves. A power washer will be ideal to handle this situation since it has a fine spry nozzle to blast all the debris away in one stroke.

A power washer is also very helpful to clear clogged downspouts. However, you will need to rinse the shaft and point the nozzle down the downspout. You can continue the process till you see the water running easily through the downspout. Remember also to rinse the entire roof and external surface of the walls after gutter cleaning since the entire area can get really messy when you are using a power washer.

Using a Garden Hose

If your roof gutters are blocked excessively, a garden hose can come to your aid. However, the hose should be equipped with the right type of attachment, possibly a rigid tube having a curved en for cleaning the gutter. With this, you can begin the cleaning process from the farthest end of the downspout. While flushing across the length of the gutter channel, you should come closer and flush through. You can achieve this from the ground without having to climb on the roof.

Cleaning with only your hand

Yes, you can also clean your roof gutter with your mere hands sans any equipment. But, you will still need a bucket, ladder, a garden trowel, heavy-duty gloves and a gutter scoop. Start the process by removing the debris and leaves in small lots and depositing them in the bucket. One you finish this, wash the downspout and gutters using the garden hose till you see the water flowing freely.

Get professional help

In at least two situations, you are better off seeking professional help to clean your roof gutter. These are when your gutters are extremely clogged and advanced techniques are necessary to accomplish the task. The next is when you have personal limitations in taking the DIY route. Expert professionals with significant experience can provide you quality gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula or gutter cleaning Chelsea work and leave a tidy, clean and debris free roof with free-flowing gutters. Apart from saving precious time, you will also avoid investing in cleaning equipment.

Summing up 

Inspecting your roof at bi-monthly intervals is a good measure to avoid surprises if the skies open up without notice.

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