Windows is considered one of the most important operating systems in the world that makes it a target to malware and hackers.  Various features make the operating system less secure as new features are added to improve the security systems of the computer. Microsoft Windows 10 includes several features for you and even your business that includes both privacy and security tools that saves the Windows system. This guide gives you five necessary tips that help to secure Microsoft Windows 10 and its related operations. Many of the tips are straightforward and are easy to grasp in mind to secure Windows 10 computers in the business. Whether you have a new device or one you have upgraded, you can easily protect your computer windows to the fullest without any issue. So, here are some of the basic steps that have to be followed according to the operating system of your computer and save your Microsoft Windows 10. These steps will surely help you to use your Windows more securely and in a good manner. 

The main five steps are as follows- 

Step 1- Do not link your PC with Microsoft Account 

It is not advisable to use a Microsoft account to link your PC; rather you should use a local login account to log in to your computer. The Windows 10 give you a feature to set the default account as a Windows account to make it easy to log in with all the devices across one account. 

Step 2- Choose Bit Locker for Disk Encryption  

It is considered very essential to turn on the disk encryption. Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro both have a bit locker for disk encryption, but in Windows 10 it is not there. So, it is necessary to include a version of disk encryption in Windows 10 as it minimizes the chance of data misuse on the computer. There are various options online that can be used to encrypt the disk in the PC. Use the Bit Locker to fully encrypt the disk and keep the recovery key secure.  

Step 3- Access to Controlled Folder 

In your PC, you should consider using controlled access to a folder that limits the damage caused by ransom ware. If you are using Windows 10, then you can easily get the access of using a folder that can be easily controlled and information can be kept saved. When there is access to a controlled folder, then it is easy to secure your Windows 10 and also the essential data. 

Step 4- Use Windows Hello Feature

If you or any of your family members are running a small business and want to secure their Windows 10, then they should use the “Windows Hello” feature. This feature will help you to unlock your device using face recognition and a fingerprint reader. Bypassing passwords can also be used but they can be hacked or stolen.  The “Windows Hello” feature let the computer get a method of signing in that is faster and even more secure.  

Step 5- Backup: The Essential One 

Backing up the data in the computer is one of the essential steps to be followed to keep the security on point. We suggest you use a trusted backup service that can continuously back up the data. Do not forget to keep a copy of your essential files in a safe space. One should also try to ensure that system restore is enabled in the computer and restore points are also created. 

So, it can be seen that securing Windows 10 is necessary to run your computer faster and easier. By using the above five steps, you will keep your Windows 10 safe with a smooth and private browsing experience. The data can be easily protected every time after you have a secure Windows for your PC with a great experience. Make sure that there should be an established routine to keep the Windows secure and get the requirements fulfilled. And, if you are looking for any computer online support services, then choose one of the best computer service options for yourself and get the correct online support for your computer. 

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