5 DIY Facepacks for Glowing Skin

Multani mitti is clay like substance also known as fuller’s earth. This fuller’s earth acts as a healer for acne prone skin and helps the scars to fade out. Multani mitti face pack is rich in magnesium chloride which helps in reducing acne. It is a natural cleanser, toner and face pack mixed with different ingredients. It is natural and can work to pamper the skin.

Multani mitti is one of the best ways to get the perfect and flawless skin, Multani mitti face packs can be the perfect solution to all your skin problems.

Homemade recipes for glowing skin with multani mitti and other natural ingredients are here do check them out:

  1. Multani Mitti And Rose Face Pack:

Natural Beauty Multani Mitti And Rose Face Pack

Mutani Mitti face pack has a wonderful and antibacterial property which helps remove pimples and acne causing bacteria. This pack is mixed with rose petals which helps in improving your skin tone and gives you a bright and radiant look.


  1. For Skin Multani Mitti And Papaya Face Pack:

Smoothing Papaya and Milk Face Pack

Papaya is a skin genius ingredient which helps in making the skin refreshing and glowing that is certainly one of the biggest reasons which make the fruit a well known healer. For the pack take a spoon full of multani mitti, one spoon honey and one spoon of papaya pulp. This homemade face pack is really useful for those who are willing to get a glowing skin.


  1. For Oily Skin- Multani Mitti With Rose Water Face Pack :

Natural Multani Mitti Face Pack

One of the most well known homemade face pack, multani mitti deep clean the skin while effectively removing excess oil from the skin. Sandalwood powder has antibacterial properties and anti aging. This multani mitti face pack is a must have for people who are all about natural skin care products.

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