5 Design Ideas to Steal for a New Office

Not every office establishes itself as a unique identity marker for a brand or a company. Designing office spaces for a company who have a space challenge in a studio apartment requires flexibility and some amount of vision to ensure the space is optimally utilized.

Office spaces and workspaces have a habit of becoming cluttered. Here are five genius design ideas that you can steal from existing offices to add to your own space.

1.     Put your furniture on wheels

It’s important to have furniture that you find comfortable. Being uncomfortable in the office can negatively affect you and your staff. Having chairs and carts that roll around can help when you need to move furniture quickly and easily. Whether it’s for a presentation or just to have fun rolling around, consider adding wheels to your office furniture.

2.     When it comes to shelf decoration, don’t try too hard

Rolling bookcases can host anything from product samples to indoor plants. Having interesting books or magazines can add to the feel of the office. Make sure that your space remains uncluttered; research has shown that cluttered spaces may contribute to a decrease in workflow and employee potential.

3.     Labels are important for an organized office but do not force them

Labeling certain file cabinets, closets and desk spaces can help employees navigate their way around the office. If you do it right, you’ll only have to show an intern where everything is once. Labeling certain drawers makes it easier for you and your employees to find what is needed.

4.     Every room benefits from a rug

The cozy conference room or the meeting room or your own office always looks better with a rug in place. Remember that the rugs need to be of a texture and color that fits with the room. Also, it helps in softening the space and getting people in the room more comfortable.

5.     The best way to choose artwork based on interest

Think about what you want your company to represent. A spacious office with lots of natural light and uplifting pictures of natural landscapes can help set the tone. Blackout curtains and candles have no place in a productive office space. Ask some of the staff what their favorite places or activities are. If someone likes to scuba dive, maybe hang a picture of a large seascape with turtles! The possibilities are endless.


It is evident that most offices take inspiration from other offices that they like. Most of the time, organizing space is important since not all design ideas are applicable to every space. One needs to be pragmatic in one’s design choices for every office, before finalizing the décor for the same.

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